Fly On The Wall At Apple Unimpressed.

According to a fly on the wall at the Apple 1 Infinite Loop headquarters, contrary to what most Mac followers assume, listening in on the discussions that take place at the company is really not that interesting.

“So many people that I meet when I fly outside the building say to me ‘Ooh, I’d really like to be you!‘” said the common house fly, busily slurping up some soda spilled in a conference room.

“I’m here to tell you, it’s not like you think. Most of the meetings are pretty dry. It’s all about target markets and X number of units, supplier problems and integration issues, or in-depth hardware and software mumbo-jumbo.”

In the two weeks since his birth, the fly has managed to be on the wall for only one meeting where a new product was discussed, and that was the iPod Socks.

“So you can see why I haven’t been that impressed. I’m hoping it picks up soon. I’ve only got about a week left to live.”

While the fly did express interest in Apple products, particularly from the perspective of having something to perch on to rub his forelegs together, he admitted computers where not necessarily his forté.

“Part of it might be that I’m a fly. It’s not like they’re talking about manure or anything. At least not outside of the marketing department.

“Ha-ha! Get it? Because… ha… they… ahhhhhh… spread it on so thick, you see… heh-heh…”

The fly suddenly began to repeatedly bang his head against an outside window in a vain attempt to get out.

“Uh… little help here?” the fly said, slamming himself up against the window. “Trying to get out.

“Anyone? Hell-oooo?”

38 thoughts on “Fly On The Wall At Apple Unimpressed.”

  1. I’m holding out for the iMac stocking caps.

    (Soon to be followed by the George Foreman G5 grill.)

  2. Damn you Huck!

    mmmm Mega-postey goodness. 😀

    And I liked todays artical, Moltz, despite what the rest of the commentors are about to say. 🙂

  3. See? I tried. I guess First Post just tastes better.

    In other news, the streets of Boston are now in flames. The curse of the Bambino is dead!

    (I wonder if this had anything at all to do with iPod Socks? I’m just saying.)

  4. This is my fourth post in this thread. Is it too much? Really, is it? Because I think it might be too much. Twelve would be too much, though eleven has that nice kind of balance that nothing else can quite match. But then again, even four might be too much, in which case, eleven would be okay, but up until ten it would be right around way too much. So I’m way back at four right now, but, really, it might be a bit much.

  5. One point – didn’t we all learn from Jeffrey Goldblum that flies don’t “slurp” – they actually spit on their food and then eat the resulting slushy goodness?

  6. Dude! So many me’s!

    Could I just sell you all into prostitution to fund my quest for shiny Apple hardware?

    30′ Cinema Display, you shall be mine!

  7. I’m a meta-Huck. Of Doom.


    Is that how you spell it? I believe we ‘max’ or ‘go large’ or something over here in Blighty. Because I only ever eat salad and, er, grass.

  8. Huch lives on in me… He is my heart and soul…

    Moltz should be president in ’04

    and I have just clocked my Mac 128K so there! pfffft

  9. Dangit, where’s today’s episode…? Hello, Moldz…?! I’m not hearing any answer…


  10. Yeah Motlz?! Its late!

    Me and Huck have been passing the time pulling the wings off flies… Okease, for their sake, put up todays post!!!

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