Macworld Predictions!

Here we go kiddies! Just four days to the extra-long big show!

And a Macworld wouldn’t be a Macworld without all kinds of wild and inaccurate speculation about what Apple’s going to announce.

But you won’t get that here. All of our speculation has been carefully checked using the least squares derivative model and audited by the accounting firm of Price Waterhouse Coopers Lybrand and…

Well, there are like forty more names.

So you know it’s got to be good.

Let’s roll! The Crazy Apple Rumors Site staff predictions for Macworld 2007!

Staff Writer Chet MacGruder:

Well, an iLife update for sure. And then the 8-core Mac Pros. That seems kind of obvious. Uh, new touch-screen video iPods. No surprise there. Apple phone. Of course. Lightweight 12-inch MacBook. Dur-hey. Oookay. What else? Oh. Tablet. Everyone knows about that one.



I’m just supposed to give one?

Web designer Masako Yamamoto:

A game. Just one kick-ass, Mac-only game. That’s all I ask. Is that asking to much? No. I don’t think so.

I… I have a lot of Bungie-related anger.

Photographer Howard the talking dog:

Well, personally, I just like something to scratch my butt on. Like the top part of my butt. The part I can’t reach. If Apple wants to be in every living room, it might make them more pleasant places to be if people don’t have to look at me scratching my ass up against the ottoman.

Contributing reporter Ugluk:


Me know that been around for long time, but talk about technology that need be more user-friendly.

Am me right or am me right?

Columnist Thor Samson:

Oh, well, I actually already know what they’re going to announce but… I’m NDA-ed.





Financier the Entity:

Cold fusion.

Editor-In-Chief John Moltz:

I’m going to go out on a limb and say killer robots.

That probably doesn’t seem that different than sexbots, but it’s pretty clear they’re not going to deliver on that so…

Killer robots.

Ooh… wait a minute…

Evil goats…

Oh, great, now I can’t decide.

Well, that’s it! Are we right? We’ll find out next week!

And we’ll see you there!


No, really, I mean it this time.