Tim Cook BSG-Curious.

Sources close to Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook say the 46-year-old family man has increasingly been drawn to forbidden fruit.

“He’s been battling with it for three years now, said an Apple source close to Cook. “For three long years there’s been this temptation… right there… on cable television…

“But there’s just no getting around it. It was time to admit it to himself. And recently he’s come to embrace the fact that, yes, he’s BSG-curious.”

Cook has reportedly decided to succumb to temptation and experiment with the Battlestar Galactica lifestyle by downloading the miniseries premier on the iTunes Store and seeing if he likes it.

“I’ve heard it’s quite a good show,” Cook said with his trademark drawl. “I understand it’s on hiatus for a while so I thought it’d be a good time to catch up.

“Is there something outlandish about that?”

Some were surprised by the revelation.

“Cook?” said the New York Times’ David Pogue. “Wow.

“He’s the last person I’d suspect of being BSG-curious. I mean, not that there’s anything wrong with it. It’s a very good show. It’s just… he doesn’t seem like a scifi geek. Now, Ive? Rosenberg? Serlet? Sure.

“But Cook?”

On the whole, however, the news was not met with nearly the uproar as when CFO Peter Oppenheimer announced that he was Galactose-intolerant.

24 thoughts on “Tim Cook BSG-Curious.”

  1. Interesting, isn’t it, that lactose and galactose are identical? Many people don’t know that the generic “galaxy” refers to milk, except in the obvious instance of “The Milky Way,” which oddly also refers to a chocolate covered candy bar, which looks nothing like the night sky, except maybe in Los Angeles and Fresno.

    Oh, I see, it really isn’t interesting. Sorry about that, Chief.

  2. John,

    Before I say Good Morning or Good Night, translation or explanation for us Yurpeon Stone Age Peepel please.

    Otherwise ten out of ten and your handwriting is improving.

    Good Night, Ace.

  3. Good morning Nxxx. I’ve been meaning to ask you…since you’re Welsh, did you grow up in a village that has an unpronouncable/unspellable name?

    And how is your name pronouced? Is it sufficient to simply sneeze?

  4. Well, I managed to watch another BSG episode and I still got top 10! What’s going on with all you CARS readers?! Shocking performance!

  5. Oops, I misspelled “pronounced,” and I probably mispronounced “spell” as well.

  6. Wow, I made it into the top twenty, where is everyone? As far as BSG, the old series kind of messed it up for me. I didn’t feel like making the investment in time for another Sci-Fi series, I’m still pissed at the Sci-Fi channel for canceling Farscape.

  7. I’m MSG-curious, that’s why I go to Chinese restaurants so often….

  8. Heh, I always figured that the Entity was a Cylon in drag. Now we know that if Apple Executives are BSG-Curious that CARS Staff are from another planet too.

  9. Does this have any bearing on moving the iPhone into this plane of reality? I really think there might be some crossover potential here. Say, Twilight Zone meets BSG?

  10. Galato- *sputter*

    Moltz, I luvs ya, but I’m sending over the Narn Anti-Pun Bat Squad for this one.

    Prepare to be WHAMed.

  11. Farscape? I’m already pissed enough about Firefly. After all, the new BSG basically stole all their cinematography and used it to dress up a dull, lifeless script not seen since Godfather 3. We’re angrier than you are.

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