Travel Day And More.

Monday was a travel day so not much to report, but the word on the street here near the Moscone Center is that the thing in the air might actually be Apple’s fleet of attack helicopters. Or, possibly, hunks of flying metal as Apple’s elite squad of lesbian ninjas destroy the robot menace that plagues us all.

For sources are now telling us that Apple has broken free of the robot blockade and, indeed, we can see flashes of light in the sky to the south indicating that Macworld 2008 will take place tomorrow, validating not only the travel plans of several thousand Apple enthusiasts but also many parking vouchers at the Moscone Center.

While the keynote tomorrow will be embargoed from WiFi access, we’ll bring you a semi-live blog in the semi-nude shortly thereafter.

Apple declined to comment for this brief story but said some shit is too cool even for killer robots to hold back.

How true.