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John Moltz – Editor-In-Chief

Photo credit: John Gruber

Photo credit: John Gruber

The son of poor Oklahoma sharecroppers, John and his family were forced off their land in the 1930s and set out for California in a vain attempt to find work. No, wait, that was Tom Joad in the Grapes of Wrath. John Moltz was born in a Connecticut suburb and spent his formative years developing a strong moral foundation by watching lots of television. Consequently, he has the attention span of a common house fly and has dabbled in several trades and hobbies without mastering any of them. The founder of Crazy Apple Rumors Site, John has a passion for the Macintosh and currently owns ten Macs. While he doesn’t see a problem with that, some members of his family feel it’s time for an intervention. John enjoys skiing, science fiction and all night sessions of Mario Kart. But don’t get your hopes up, ladies. He’s married.

Stock Photo Guy – Contributing Reporter

Staff Reporter, Stock Photo Guy

Always on the go, Stock Photo Guy submits occasional pieces to Crazy Apple Rumors Site while he pursues more challenging opportunities that match his unique skill set. Stock Photo Guy is a strong fit for the CARS family and leverages our capabilities on a go-forward basis! Stock Photo Guy is a self-starter who’s also a highly motivated team player. Stock Photo Guy is on the fast track and has upper management written all over him.

(Actually, I saw him at the gym once. He really does have “upper management” written all over him. Freaked me the hell out. I mean, who does that? And I don’t think it was ink, either. I think he did it with an X-Acto knife.)

Stock Photo Guy’s biggest weakness is he’s too much of a perfectionist. And sometimes he works too hard! Go figure!

And if he were a tree, he’d be a mighty oak.

Brains In Glass Domes – Financiers

Brains in glass domes

Brains in glass domes

These enigmatic brains provide the funding that enables Crazy Apple Rumors Site to do what it does.

Um… yeah, that’s a little vague, isn’t it.

OK, truth is, they send us checks and we don’t ask too many questions.

Like, how do they write the checks? That would be one question we would ask if we were asking questions. But we’re not.

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