09 Sep 05The Mega-Post is Dead


You should be able to view it again, but Masako had to shut off the comments at…


She had to delete one spam comment to get it viewable again (link).

Please, let’s hear a big round of applause for all of you who posted in the Mega-Post and kept it alive for a year and four months. Please use this comment thread to post your fondest memories of the post with the most…

the Mega-Post.

7,574 Responses to “The Mega-Post is Dead”

  1. Steve G. says:

    I’m far enough inland to be somewhat safe. A bit closer now to a roundish building of some fruit company…

  2. Brother Mugga says:

    Hang on, we jumped.

    Steve more so than others, it would appear.

    All the better to stalk little Timmy Cook.

  3. Steve G. says:

    Unless I become part of the foliage that surrounds the site, not gonna happen. Can’t see much from street level because of the trees and, you know, driving at least 35 MPH.

  4. Ace Deuce says:

    There’s a drone for that.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Is it the sound of Macolytes mumbling on about the Infinite Donut being ‘holistic’ and ‘centred’? Because I’m pretty certain I can hear that from Blighty.

  6. Ace Deuce says:

    You’d think that after all the years at Infinite Loop, they could have given the ring at Apple Park a twist so it would be a Moebius strip. Imagine having to walk twice around just to get back to your desk. With treks like that, they could have eliminated the fitness center.

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