Apple Expo Paris In-Depth Coverage.

Voici Philip.

Philip est un homme.

Il est grand.

Philip a présenté un iMac.

Fondamentalement, c’est un cadre blanc avec un écran.



Alors, repetez s’il vous plaît.

Voici Philip…

53 thoughts on “Apple Expo Paris In-Depth Coverage.”

  1. Personellemnet, je pense que quand on voyait la nouvelle iMac, on va l’aimée. Les photos ne jamais semble comme la produit.

    Alors, quelqu’un va me dire, combien d’erreurs j’ai fait en haut?

  2. Uhhh…¿Donde está el baño?

    Introducing…The World’s Largest iPod!

    (that’s enuf…Schillermania is starting to go to my head)

  3. I’ve just been to MacBidouille and discovered that iMac is masculine in French…. surely not. How can a _table_ for crying out loud be feminine and yet the most consistently beautiful machine (in a purely aesthetic, non-sexual manner you understand….) be masculine?

    I suppose computer (ordinateur) is masculine, so that transfers across. Humph. Someone needs to get the French to change that.

  4. Il faudrait considérer la racine même de la langue française elle-même dans l’étude de lÂ’envisagibilité de lÂ’anéantissement des genres. Le tout se devrait de plus d’être un long processus dÂ’apprentissage car la «sexualité» des objets est, depuis longue date, instaurée, inculquée, voire même gravée dans les plus profonds recoins des cervelets francophones. Il nÂ’est pas à dire que le tout est impossible, toutefois dire quÂ’il est possible sÂ’avère être aussi aberrant que lÂ’apparition de sexbot au prochain expo…

  5. MacBidouille? When did Apple start manufacturing plumbing equipment? Does that mean Lowe’s is one of their resellers now? (I can see it now: “Free iPod with purchase of MacBidouille…)

    Huh? Wha…?

    Um, forget I said anything, OK?

  6. PoisedNoise, iMac has a masculine grammatical kind in french because it is a trademark, I am sure you are aware that there is no neutral kind in modern french ( there is some vestigial words like ceci, cela etc ) so masculine is the non-marked form, and feminine is the marked one.

  7. Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?

    Unless I dig out my Citroën & Renault manuals, I’ve shot my proverbial bolt as far as my knowledge of french goes.

    “uh, Harry, help me adjust this tableau du bord, wouldja?”

    Ahh, the good old days.

  8. k makes sense.

    And as for the rumour that the French do not bathe – ce n’est pas vrai! Until two years ago there was a French teacher at the school where I work (who was herself French) who was _fanatical_ about brushing her teeth. She actually kept a toothbrush in her pigeon-hole (where the mail goes) together with toothpaste so that she could brush her teeth in between classes. A bit extreme, I felt, but definitely enough to lay this dastardly rumour of uncleanliness to rest.

    And what’s wrong with the word uncleanliness I’d like to know? Panther wants to change it to uncleanness. Never heard of such rubbish.

  9. pourquoi, dès qu’il est fait mention de cet excellentissime pays qu’est la France sur un site américain, faut-il qu’un crétin vienne faire l’intéressant en disant que les Français ne se lavent pas? Nous, on ne dit pas que tous les américains sont gros (après tout, avec 25% d’obèses dans votre pays…) et gras et sales, qu’ils ont des bouts de hamburgers à moitié mâché entre les orteils, ou des idioties de ce genre.

    Quant à l’arrogance… parlez pour vous.

  10. Yes we are arrogant but we use bath since we have secret services (our spies were detected by the body odors). Sorry pal, but please, avoid some “clichés” !!! Ok, now, to get back on topic (is there a topic ???) can’t wait next keynote with a real steve and phil duo !

  11. and one more thing … i won’t next time bring my girlfriend at a keynote with phil … seems this man is a sex machine !

  12. Thank goodness for Sherlock translation! Or, as we would say in French, “Remerciez la qualité de la traduction de Sherlock !”

  13. Apple steals a page from the PC world

    Remember when Windows 95 first came out, everyone waS saying: Windows 95 = Macintosh ’87

    iMac 2004 = Monorail 1996

    OK, OK, not a fair comparison, but it’s time someone mentioned the attempt by Monorail, and they too have a following. Check out and some of these other sites:

    Apple steals a page from the PC world : MONORAIL

    Remember when Windows 95 first came out, everyone was saying: Windows 95 = Macintosh ’87

    Well, now it’s time to say: iMac 2004 = Monorail 1996

    OK, OK, not a fair comparison, but it’s time someone mentioned the attempt by Monorail, and they too have a following. Check out and some of these other sites:

  14. Monorail is to iMac 2004 as the Toshiba Satellite is to the Powerbook 190. Same idea, but far less elegant execution.

    Waitaminnit. I just thought of something…


  15. Das iMac ist sehr reizvoll. Nehmen Sie das iMac als Ihr neues und normales und weißes und flaches overlord an.

  16. We should try and get every language represented in this Comments page. 🙂 I like the Deutsch above, but screw translating it for you guys! Go learn the language yourselves. 😀

  17. One of the shortcomings of the previous iMac, was that you couldn’t tilt the screen in a horizontal position.

    As Apple’s web site suggests, the new iMac can be mounted on the wall. That means that if you put it on your desktop, you should be able to rotate the screen all the way into a horizontal position.

    Finally I can put my glass of wine on top of it.

  18. Eh bien, ce n’est pas souvent qu’on voit parler français sur un site américain. On aura tout vu ;o)

  19. Merhaba. Bugün sadece bir iMac var. Baska Macs yok.

    (can’t find the accent keys, so sorry for my lousy turkish.)

  20. He he, första kommentaren på svenska och den trettiosjunde totalt. Nya iMacen är visst snygg på ett lite industriellt sätt, men jag är glad för att jag fortfarande älskar min gamla trogna G3.

  21. By the way, iMac is masculine in German as well … and even the Amiga computer is considered masculine although its name states it’s not 😉

  22. ??? ??????? ????? ????? ???? , ??? ????? ????????. ? ???? ?????? ????, ? ? ???? ??? ????? ??????-??? ?????? ?? ????? ??????? ??????.

    ????, ??-??????? imac ????????.

    Aussi, en français, philip = philippe

  23. Schil-ler! Schil-ler! Schill-er! Schill-er!

    Schil-ler! Schil-ler! Schill-er! Schill-er!

    From the S to the C to da H to da I,

    from double L to E to R!!

    Schil-ler! Schil-ler! Schill-er! Schill-er!

    Schil-ler! Schil-ler! Schill-er! Schill-er!

    Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!

    Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!

    Ahh YEAH!!

  24. Hey moatjes dien iMac is wel echt het scheunste computerke dat ik ooit gezien heb zu. En tis nog wreed goeiekoop ook. Ik vind die Shiller na wel een beeke ne voze en ik hoop ni dat die nog veel van die keynotes gaat doen.

    En Amerikanen zijn echt wel de meest achterlijke en dikke mensen die ik ooit gezien heb.

    Wedden dat ze deze post zelfs cool vinden?! De onozelaars

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