The Mega-Post is Dead


You should be able to view it again, but Masako had to shut off the comments at…


She had to delete one spam comment to get it viewable again (link).

Please, let’s hear a big round of applause for all of you who posted in the Mega-Post and kept it alive for a year and four months. Please use this comment thread to post your fondest memories of the post with the most…

the Mega-Post.

7,980 thoughts on “The Mega-Post is Dead”

  1. What is Moltz doing? Page Jumps used to be either every fifty or one hundred posts.

    The whole World has gone to pot.

    Anybody got a light?

  2. Hey, don’t think you can get away from me, Steve . . . scampering over here.

    Where’s my lasso?

    And my wipe-clean rubber stetson?

  3. It’s been nice knowing each of you. Sorry I didn’t get around to paying back the money you lent me. I really intended to…

  4. Guys, please do not join the petition to deport Piers Morgan for his gun law opinions.

    It was hard getting rid of the moron in the first place.

  5. Well, Nxxx, whom will you admit? We have lots of other riffraff to export. I think the UK could benefit from having the entire NRA in residence, as you are woefully short of firearms, based on your murder and mayhem figures.

  6. We now have to suffer by having the Beckhams here. Isn’t that punishment enough?

    Nobody here really knows who Piers Morgan is anyway (the ratings are supposedly terrible). So does it really matter?

  7. Happy New Year, fellow Pilgrims of CARSery.

    May 2013 see the longed for resurrection of Our Lord Moltz.

    In a mankini.


  8. We have a ‘Cliff Richard’ over here.

    Or ‘Cliff Dick’ as he is sometimes known.

    Normally, I would of course now go to ask our yankee chums if their Cliff be dicking them any time soon . . . but I’m far too classy . . . and this is the season of goodwill and all that.

    Nxxx . . . . help . . . me . . .

  9. We’re like lemmings and will fall over a cliff sooner or later. Might as well be a fiscal cliff.

    By the way, Moltz has the last page of the February Macworld to himself. It mentions that he’s the “future proprietor” of this very establishment. I’m trying to Twitter him into a comeback. Not sure if it’ll work.

  10. BroMu,
    Do remember you’re a Brit.

    The real name is Sir Harry Webb, just as Elton’s real name is Sir Reg Dwight of Watford. How Sir Wiggo of Kilburn fits into the scheme of things, eludes me.

    Wonder whether we can swing Sir John of Moltz?

  11. Friends,

    I believe that Sir John of the Moltz hath abandoned us.

    His response to my inquiry whether he will once again grace us with his presence is thus:

    “I think that bio needs some updating. Keep up the good work, though!”

    First round is on me.

  12. Tsch, I might have to downdate his ‘bio’.


    . . .

    I really need to stop posting in the wee small hours.

  13. I trust you’re not implying something about Nxxx that only his almost-imperceptibly-indented motorbike saddle is currently privy to, Steve?

  14. Lack of something to do has apparently led to Too Much Information here at the Giga-Post. I suggest we do something constructive.

    Either that, or resume hibernation. Tough choice, that.

  15. I had some tunnel maintenance yesterday. Left my rumbling whale song.

    Actually, we may be back to Ace’s information overload.

    I’ll back out gracefully.

    Unlike yesterday.

  16. Tunnel maintenance. I don’t venture into the tunnels much lately because I’ve become fond of cellular connections, and the tunnels generally have horrible reception. Someone should convince the major carriers that we tunnel lovers like to use old-fashioned text messaging, so that it would behoove them to put lots of cellular tranceivers at intervals throughout the system. I would be happy to install them, if I were paid handsomely.

  17. Did I hear in yesterday’s Presidential Inaugural Address that the honourable, please excuse the UK spelling, John Moltz is to become the Secretary of Mega-Posts?

  18. If so, who is the outgoing Secretary? And what does the Department of Mega-Posts do? More to the point, what has the Department of Mega-Posts done for us lately?

  19. If Moltz is not to become a Secretary of Mega-Posts, our Dave is looking for a pro-Brit guy in the European Union or whatever it is called this second. Might be able to stay in the States as we have an American who stays there advising the BBC on moving most bits from London to Salford, aka Manchester. With what they are paying him, glad I’ve qualified for my free TV Licence.

  20. A question for our cousins across the pond: The Missus is traveling to London at the end of March. Is there anything she should avoid saying to a barkeep to not get punched? (Yes, she’s a bit sassy.)

  21. There are a lot of Aussie barkeeps in The Smoke. Therefore avoid Milton Jones’s joke, “They say criminals always return to the scene of the crime. Is that why there are so many Australians in London?”

  22. Probably best to avoid the phrase ‘credit’.

    Particularly when delivered with an enquiring, terminal inflection.

    The use of the phrase ‘terminal’ there was intentional.

    I’d hate for my clumsy punnery to go unappreciated.

  23. The British humor has flummoxed the both of us (and she’s a fan). Guess older child had best learn the route to the American Embassy. Or should I expect to receive a panicked phone call at some off hour?

  24. I’m willing to make a panicked phone call for a small fee. Just let me know when you want it and what I should be panicked about.

  25. I give good phone panic.

    Before departing I would, however, like to commend Steve on a really quite excellent deployment of the term ‘flummoxed’.

  26. Once again, we have more pronoun trouble than Daffy Duck.

    I meant that the Missus would be calling me in a panic.

    She knows well enough which finger-based hand gestures are inappropriate.

    If towards the end of March, you hear of a small American tourist doing something outrageous, odds are high that it’s her.

  27. Nxxx knows really, Steve.

    He was just being willfully missunderstandering.

    That is to say, ‘Welsh’.

    I look forward to Mrs G’s digital puppetry.

    We could put her on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square?

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