The Mega-Post is Dead


You should be able to view it again, but Masako had to shut off the comments at…


She had to delete one spam comment to get it viewable again (link).

Please, let’s hear a big round of applause for all of you who posted in the Mega-Post and kept it alive for a year and four months. Please use this comment thread to post your fondest memories of the post with the most…

the Mega-Post.

8,008 thoughts on “The Mega-Post is Dead”

  1. I notice that Moltz just posted on his very nice web site a link to another worklike thing he has participated in, so apparently he hasn’t retired. Or retired any further. Which is good, because I get annoyed when people much younger than I retire from the workaday world while I must toil on, muttering to myself.

  2. I get annoyed when *anyone* retires. Unless it’s the way they do it in Logan’s Run. That Carrousel looked fun. And probably cheaper than the ones at Disneyland.

  3. BroMu,
    Gravesend has twice been the hottest place in the UK recently. Is it because the GB stock if iFlames have self ignited or is the stock pf iSexbots been overactive?

  4. Oy! We totally missed this post’s 11th birthday!

    And Talk Like a Pirate Day! Y’argh!

    Shame on me (since only self-shaming is currently acceptable practice).

  5. We are mortified to have forgotten to post some pirate speech here on the designated day, but I did talk like a pirate that day on Facebook, so I feel I have paid my dues in part. Avast!

  6. My three year old son keeps trying to spell ‘pirate’ as ‘bitrate’.

    What a feckin’ nerd. As I shouted when kicking the contents of his MotherCare sandpit into his face.

  7. He seems to hate anything that isn’t (a) him or (b) about to feed him.

    I kind of respect that.

    Also, he says ‘Oh beard’ instead of ‘Oh dear’.

    But then sulks when we all laugh at him.

  8. I misread that as ‘lynx’ originally and wondered where you were going with that, Steve. In much the same way as I would love to quiz Mother Nature about the Mole Rat.

  9. BroMu, if you have to wonder where we’re going around here, we’ve probably already been there and departed.

    Would that be a regular mole rat or a naked mole rat?

  10. I’m all for innovation, but exposing phones might be ahead of their time.

    And in addition to mole rats, I think dust bunnies need explanation.

  11. Naked, definitely. And the mole rats too.

    Given that the Samstung stuff should now be heavily discounted, and winter’s coming . . . is it worth buying them as hand warmers?

  12. The exploding (not exposing, as I mistyped previously) phone trend has been blown way out of proportion. My phone never explodes, and when it does, I’ll just call 911. Oh, wait…

  13. Make sure the operator doesn’t hang up on you, though, Ace.

    Mind you, at least those people got a response. Whenever I dial 911 it just doesn’t work. I may write to the Queen about it.

  14. Much as I hate to ask a serious question…does the UK have something similar to the three-digit phone codes that we use in North America?

  15. No. Our emergency codes have a minimum of twenty-eight characters with different codes for police, fire, ambulance and crossing zebra crossings.

    BTW, Happy Whatsit Weekend when the first nation guys gave you turkeys etc. BTW We left the EU because we do not want Turkey.

  16. BroMu,

    I hope you haven’t confused us with our more northern cousins, who gave thanks on 10 October.

    We ‘Muricans don’t give thanks until late November. Though some might be thankful on 9 November. In my voting district, there are (and I’m not making this up) a total of 24 different ballot measures to vote on, not including candidates for office. The television assault from various pro and con positions is maddening. I am thankful now for my DVR and that I can skip all of these.

  17. Steve,
    Apologies. At my age, I’m reasonably grateful for most days and also for failing to distinguish iTurkeys which are good to eat, and Turkey which is hard to chew and in parts, mountainous.

    BTW:-Northern cousins, the French?

  18. The other day, while browsing the M&S catalogue of festivus-related wifely skives, my good lady uttered the words: “Shall we have beef this year for Christmas, instead of turkey?”

    Twenty five years shredded in just eleven words.

  19. The question of what meat to serve during an autumn or winter holiday meal can be quite contentious. Usually in North America there should be some kind of bird or mammal, accompanied a sort of starchy root vegetable, and a pod-like thing grown on a vine. When I was young, my family did not always follow the convention. Being of nordic stock, we sometimes had a smorgasbord, and on other occasions opted for take-out Chinese food. My own preference would be for a grilled cheese sandwich and maybe a hearty soup, but I always go along with what the people around me are wanting, because I’m all about love and peace.

    Please, no fish for me. And don’t bother with the gooducken or turducken, as my religion says not to mix birds with birds.

  20. I’m all about love and peace too, Ace.

    Except when exercising my god-given right to shoot Frenchies.

    Or Krauts.

    Something sadly withheld from me thus far through a combination of NATO, nuclear weapons and a general can’t-be-arsedness about swimming the Channel.

    To maintain the appropriate hint of pending hostilities, however, I have always sent my unfortunately numerous German friends an email on the *proper* Christmas Day with attached pictures of me opening things that are far more fun than (a) bratwurst and (b) lederhosen.

    I think we know who’s occupying the high ground there.

  21. It is rare that I post a link on this august site. But rarer still is my home town – the womb of my very existence – mentioned in a national newspaper. So if you will forgive me this lapse into mild egocentricism, I know Nxxx, certainly, will join me in a moment of quiet, tearful contemplation as we rejoice for the Little Town that is Gravesend (but for how much longer . . .).

    PS: Apologies to our American (et al) chums if it gets in some way blocked.

  22. Fortunately or unfortunately, the link was not blocked for me.

    The article is quite informational, thought I suppose it could have been more complimentary to your home. I’m sure the chavs referenced are not your own.

    Question: Why is St. George’s Cross displayed so prominently in the accompanying photo? Is there a special connection with Gravesend, er, I mean, Gravesend-upon-Thames?

    I wasn’t previously aware that adding the phrase “upon-Thames” could boost tourism for one’s town. My hometown is named Tigard. Tigard-upon-Thames sounds better, but somewhat dishonest. More correct would be Tigard-upon-Fanno.

    If the trend continues, we might expect the river to be diluted with all sorts of similar names: Flotsam-upon-Thames, Suds-upon-Thames, Floating-Corpse-upon-Thames, Algal-Scum-upon Thames…

  23. If people start calling it GUT, would the residents be referred to as GUTters? Because that might be a tad unfortunate.

  24. Ace,
    We already have a Floating-Corpse-upon-Thames, otherwise known as the Palace of Wesrminster.

    I wonder if those towns and villages that are suffering regular flooding
    will add -below-Thames.
    Sent from my Mimi, Croydon-upon-Wandle-and-a-few-other-streams.

  25. Actually, the Floating-Corpse-Upon-Thames was the Thames Whale (died opposite Gravesend, clearly). Or Princess Pocahontus (ditto). Algal-Scum-upon-Thames definitely has a ring to it, Ace. And is pretty accurate about the fauna in the region generally, in fact.

    And we’d be GUTted to be GUTters, Steve.

    PS: The St Gee’s link is due to the church next to that shopping centre. And also my old school (also named ‘St George’s). Those flags were for when the photo was taken, though (St Gee’s day, clearly). Not sure it’s dawned on most of my fellow GUTters that Georgy was most likely Greek, rather than blue-eyed Anglo-Saxon. That’s an interesting conversation to have down the pub, certainly.

  26. In case ‘Murica descends into chaos next week or someone decides to wreak havoc on the Interwebs, I would like to thank you all for the pleasant and sometimes outright bizarre conversations we’ve had here.

    Thank you to Mr. Moltz for keeping the lights on well after the party has ended, and it’s just us stragglers who refuse to leave.

    I hope to see you on the other side of Tuesday. Known in some places as Wednesday.

  27. Of course (should that be coarse?) you are aware that “Trump” is a term used in whist and successor games for using a superior suit to win a trick.

    Wondering whether to add, in the London and South East area, it is also used for the noisy evacuation of flatulence through the anus.

  28. I’m going to guess that the critters are still defending at least some of the tunnels. I’ll throw in my lot with the critters.

  29. Happy Election Day over there. I’ll *totally* be staying up to watch the whole thing. Feel free to scurry for the tunnels, although I’m expecting my longed for Zombie Apocalypse shortly after the election of either candidate, so you might want to take a powerful torch and a shotgun with you. Or, in the true Spirit of Horror Movies, a failing torch than you have to hit to make work and then flashes only intermittently. And a flamethrower that wheezes for a bit and then goes out at a crucial moment.

  30. Hey, where’s my comment gone? I made a masterfully wry and incisive comment about the US election that was set to rock the very foundations of the conspiracy to subvert the conspiracy to hijack the consipiracy to hijack democracy.

    Looks like ‘they’ got to me.


    Like they did with my A-level results.

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