New Shirts!

No post today, as we’re proud to unveil new shirts in the Crazy Apple Rumors Store!

Oh, I know… I can hear you saying…

Oh, sheesh. Shirts. I hope they don’t have the logo on them. Those idiots couldn’t make a decent logo to save their lives.

Why don’t they let the dog make the logo. Pff. Yeah. Stupid dog.

No, that’s mean. I’m not mad at the dog.

I’m mad at my father.


He never loved me…

Well, just take a look, as the new shirts are a distinct improvement over the old shirts.

You can now proudly proclaim to be an Apple Sexbot Beta Tester or a roadie for Schillermania. Proudly display the CARS checklist (thanks, Del!) or – our favorite – let everyone know Phil Schiller has a posse!

So, enjoy! Even if you don’t buy any of them, you louse.

Oh, and, uh, actually, there probably won’t be a post tomorrow, either. Remember a couple of weeks ago when we went out drinking? Well, turns out it was kind of fun so we thought we’d give it a try again.

If you ever think we’re not doing enough for you, just remember that we’re the site that informed you about the iPod with the scratches in the shape of a naked Jennifer fricking Connelly.

You see that on any of the other rumor sites?

Thought not.