16 Jan 06What are you lookin' at?!

We’re off today in honor of Martin Luther King’s birthday.

But, if you’re using the day to sit around on your ass and do nothing (oh, Dr. King would have been really impressed by you), please tell us in the comments what computer you’re using right now.

And, as always, don’t lie.

We’ll know.

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  1. Nathan says:

    Sun Fire E25K with 72 processors, 576GB RAM, 4TB disk array. It sits next to my desk, and gets used to run my calendar, OpenOffice, and FireFox.

  2. Bandar the Invinsible says:


    I needed portable machine with mighty power, and the time for acquiring a laptop had come. The signs and portents said it would be but another year before the possible intel switch. A mere dozen count of fortnight hath past and I find my 1.67 Ghz 17″ PB seriously outgunned in all of the performance areas of necessity for my vocation…

    A MUCH brighter screen, 4x faster render times, a cable that doesn’t get yanked about when my roommates trip over it…

    I was frothing at the mouth, gibbering in tears, an cursing my typical luck. I still am, that is, of course, unless one of you would like to buy it for about $1500+ ?…

  3. Apple iBook G4 2004 edition.

    768MB RAM 60GB HD letters rubbing off all the keys with an arrow button that sticks and a sometimes working-space bar. Running Mac OS X 10.4.4 which means my finder is no longer alphabetical. Makes me want to swith to PathFInder since I already replaced Sherlock with QuickSilver!

  4. Tim says:

    Quad Core PowerMac G5 with 16 gigs of ram and a terabyte of memory. Oh yeah. Dual 30 inch monitors.

  5. BZ says:

    My Primary Machine is a Mac 512K with a web browser written from scratch in BASIC, and my backup machine is a 512 Node Dual Processor XServe Cluster with a 4TB Raid.

    (Or maybe just a 14″ iBook G3 700 MHz)

  6. Ben says:

    Original 1Ghz 17″ PowerBook – and still runnin strong.

    Yeah, the distortion field emptied my wallet that year…

  7. androgen says:

    Dual 1GHz butt cheeks.

  8. androgen says:

    I forgot to add that I have a mirrored back door in my dual 1GHz butt cheeks.

  9. The Invisible Evil Boy's Choir says:




  10. Will Feldhusen says:

    I have a 2.0 ghz G5 Dual Chip ith 512 Megs of memory.

    How will Moltz know? It’s scaring me.

  11. gnawbone says:

    Somehow, this all seems to make my Atari 800 with dual floppies and 13″ color tv seem a little under powered. I can still play Necromancer just fine, so I am confused.

  12. Streetrabbit says:

    The home kit:

    15″ PB Alu 1.5Mhz 80Gb(ram) 1Gb(hdd) I had it custom built with swapped hard disk and memory capacity, just to see how it would work.

    PIII 450 running Ubuntu Breezy.

    A Dell something or other running eggs pea. (it’s my wife’s..honest)


    IBM ThinkingPad…with a black power cord…that plugs in.

    Can we do this again tomorrow? Maybe a cheese inventory.

    I’ll start.

    In the frost free 510 litre Fisher and Paykel:

    500g New Zealand Tasty

    150g Tasmanian Brie

    250g Grated Parmesan

    500g Home Brand Lite Shredded Mozzarella (it’s my wife’s…honest)

  13. asozasis says:

    Lo! I saw a bandwagon and jumped on it. And it’s not off topic…not if you think about it. So:

    3 of those little triangular prisms of Blue Castella. Been in the friggin frig for about15 months, but, well, if you’re goin to eat smelly cheese it should be REALLY smelly.

    Half a pack ( about 250grams) of Home Brand Lite shredded tasty.

    17 slices (in those little plastic wrappers – difficult choice: eat the plastic for taste, or the cheese to get my figure back) of Kraft NO FAT…except if you read the fine print, in which case 2% fat.

  14. IBM PCjr.

    But it has a remore keyboard!

  15. blank says:

    It’s Tuesday now, but I’m still using:

    iBook 14″ G3/800 MHz

    640 MB RAM

    40 GB H/D

    10.3.9 (ain’t puttin’ 10.4.x on here, Bunky!)

    and it’ll probably be the same tomorrow…

  16. Zounds Padang AKA Ben the Man says:

    Hey, i’m loking for a Mr. Bandar who said he would trade his 15 incher ‘book for this old optical cheese drive? Mr. Bandar?


    Then there is also a call for Amanda Huganckis? I’m looking for Amanda Huganckis.

  17. Anonymous says:

    1.25 GHz PowerPC G4

    1.75 GB DDR SDRAM

  18. Gerboise says:

    Unix workstationÂ… and PowerMac G4

  19. Del says:


    1 98 machine

    1 ME machine

    1 XP machine

    1 Win 3.1/Dos machine

    3 Dos Machines.

    All these are used for are games.

    1 HP-UX workstation C180xp

    2 Linux boxes

    1 Sun Ultra 10

    One Linux Box is a firewall to protect the rest of my machines. The rest I use for testing scripts and compiling software I need for work.

    1 15″ Mac Titanium PB 500mhz 512 MB of Ram. Heavily Moded. I got it for free due to a broken screen and a broken temperature sensor on the motherboard. I removed the screen and have it hooked to an external monitor. I have the fan hooked up to get power via the external USB port with a rheostat to adjust fan speed as I needed. 10.4.4

    1 15″ Mac Titanium PB 500 MHZ 1 GB of Ram. 10.4.4

    1 original Bondi Blue iMac 10.2

    These are my bread and butter machines that I do most of my serious work & play on.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Powerbook G5 3GHz

    OS 10.5.3

  21. Mr. SJ says:

    A Core Duo white MacBook (not Pro)

    2.1GHz, 1GB RAM

    ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 512MB VRAM

    Built-in iSight + Apple Remote (w/ Front Row 2 beta of course)

    Oh, and a very beta version of Leopard. It’s working great though. The devs have done a pretty good job. I can’t wait to show off this baby. I only have two words to describe one of the features I think you’ll love of this OS: Multiple D’s.

  22. Mr. SJ says:

    BTW, please don’t sue me. The GarageBand demo on the Keynote was really more of a homage to you rather than a ripoff.

  23. Rich Collins says:

    15” Powerbook G4 1.67

  24. Anonymous says:

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  25. iBode says:

    700MHz G3 Dual USB iBook with a paltry 384MB RAM.

    80GB HD, though. Which I installed myself. Oh yeah.

    Running 10.4.4 and the whole show.

  26. Renny says:

    I have eliminated the computer and now run everything entirely in emulation. Rosetta rocks on my Intel emulator that I am running under Virtual PC in Rosetta! The closed loop works great and the cost savings are a plus. I never feel like upgrading!

  27. Albert Kinng says:

    PowerMac G4 MDD Dual 867

  28. Facetown says:

    933 MHz Power PC G4, running 10.2.8. Dual monitors.(dont you just love it?)

    However, in my room I have an overclocked Yosemite G3 with an Audiophile 24/96 sound card and outboard midi module, with UV lighting effects built into the interior and side panels.

    Go me!

  29. Mr. Nice Guy says:


    I got the 1998 233MHz PowerBook.

    Telling you–its the best.

  30. bern says:

    Better late than never…right?

    I am using Apple PowerBook G4 (15″ screen)

  31. appleman says:

    power computing power tower pro g4 350

    ” ‘ ” ” ” ” 300

    ‘ ” ” ” ” ” 800

    ” ” ” ” ” 604e 225

    power computing power tower 240 (my first system)

    beige g3 350

    b & w 400

    b &w 350 broken

    g4 mdd dual 1ghz

    g4 mdd single 1.25

    g4 mdd dual 867

    g4 powerbook 15″ 867

  32. DingleBerry says:

    Hey! I’m a little behind!

    Joyfully using my new Quad 2.5GHz Powermac G5!!

    but also have:

    Dual 2.0GHz Powermac G5

    Dual 800MHz Powermac G4

    1.67GHz Powerbook G4 15″

    1.33GHz Powerbook G4 17″

    iMac G5 2.0GHz 20″

    iMac G3 500Mhz

    iMac G3 400Mhz

    iMac G3 400Mhz Stawberry

    iMac G3 333Mhz

    ….and one POS HP Pavilion.

    Do I win a prize? Huh, huh, do I?

  33. nitriletiger says:

    1.25 GHz mac mini 512mb RAM

    400mhz imac Blue CRT 256 RAM

    1.25 Ghz imac [alien screen]

    800mhz imac CRT Sage 768 RAM

    Old tower… i dont know whats its called but i thinks it running at 300Mhz…

    too amny ipods to count

    1G 5GB

    2G 10GB

    4G 40BG

    ipod video 30g

    1gb ipod shuffle

    stole a couple of friends…

  34. TMRNerd says:

    Apple Lisa…

    I would have posted sooner, but I just now got the text version of the blog to load.

  35. DingleBerry says:

    “Apple Lisa…”

    I think I just peed on myself laughing so hard!

  36. Ares says:

    12 inch ibook 1.33 ghz w/ gig ram

  37. Cansecos_Needle says:


    Sony VAIO FS660W


    1.73 Intel Centrino

    1GB of RAM

    100GB HD + 300GB Firewire + 12TB EMC SAN haha YES!



    Mac Mini

    1.4Ghz G4

    1GB RAM

    60GB HD + 300 GB Firewire

  38. Matt says:

    Beige G3 Desktop

    Firewire/USB 2.0 Upgrade

    512 RAM

    200GB Hard Drive

    Radeon 7000 PCI Card

    Mac OS X 10.4.4

    XPostFacto 🙂

    j/k… I’d have done it but i sold it already, iMac G5 17″

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