Jobs Announces Special Event In His Pants.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced today that a special event will take place in his pants on April 25th.

Since moving away from holding major announcements until Macworld trade shows, Apple has relied on special events to reveal products such as the iPod and the iTunes Music Store.

Rumors are running rampant about what Jobs might announce and how it relates to his pants or the contents thereof.

“I envision some sort of groinal sound system for your iPod, said the New York Times’ David Pogue. “Something with a lot of bass that really reverberates.

“You’d put it on just like a cup but it would have a soft cotton undergarment that you can remove and wash as needed. In order to avoid having to make multiple hardware sizes, the sound system itself would be worn with adjustable velcro straps and they’d just sell the undergarment in different sizes, in 5 or 10-packs. Possibly even in different colors like the iPod socks. This would also be a great opportunity for third parties to provide linings in different materials – silk, velour, rubber, leather… whatever.

Pogue admitted “I’ve been thinking about this a lot.”

Other analysts have speculated that Jobs’ event may be more of a personal nature.

“I think he’s going to make an executive adjustment,” said the Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg.

“You know… shift some things around.

“He may not be comfortable with the way things are.

“He may want to get his sausage and peppers in order.”

After an uncomfortable silence, Mossberg said “You know I said ‘personnel’ not ‘personal’, right?”

Jobs himself has been mum on the subject of the special event in his pants, but has been seen playing excessive amounts of “pocket pool.”