Developers To Mac Users: "Just Boot Into Windows."

As many pundits and members of the Mac community feared, Apple’s decision to allow dual booting of Macs into Windows has caused all OS X developers to abandon the platform. Across the board, developers are telling those who find the OS X environment infinitely more appealing: “Just boot into Windows.”

“This is exactly as I feared, said Jerry Kindall. “This move to Intel has been the death knell for Apple. Developers have no reason to develop for the Mac when they can easily tell users to spend several minutes rebooting into a crappier operating system that they hate to use.

“It just makes good business sense.”

Experts expect that, at the rate developers are telling users to “just boot into Windows”, within three years the only reason to boot into Mac OS X will be to move some files around with the Finder, play Chess and enjoy brushed metal interfaces.

The situation is so bad that even developers whose applications are OS X-only are telling users to “just boot into Windows.”

“I don’t know why I did it,” said Brent Simmons, developer of NetNewsWire. “I don’t even make a Windows version. What would my customers do after they boot into Windows? Use someone else’s application? Guess I’d better get working on a Windows port.

“You know, I keep thinking there was some reason I decided to develop for the Mac instead of Windows but I just can’t seem to remember what it was…”

Developers have also asked that Mac users hit themselves over the head with a ball peen hammer for no apparent purpose.

89 thoughts on “Developers To Mac Users: "Just Boot Into Windows."”

  1. All this ‘rumoring’ trying to figure out what’s going to happen and what Apple’s plans are, are just silly. The market will decided the fate of Apple and the MacOS – and frankly, that’s probably what Steve Jobs is expecting to happen as well.

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