Apple Files For "Mac Pro" Trademark.

In an interesting turn of events, several sites reported today that Apple has filed for a trademark on the name “Mac Pro.” Analysts contacted by Crazy Apple Rumors Site today say that – in light of the recent name changes from PowerPC-based Macs to Intel-based Macs – this can only mean one thing.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs is changing his name to “Mac Pro.”

This bizarre news was taken as yet another sign of Jobs’ famously megalomaniacal nature.

“This really just goes to show Jobs’ arrogance,” said technology columnist Glenn Fleishman. “The true Mac pros are the coders, the design geeks and the hackers.

“What does Steve do? A couple of Keynote presentations a year? Pff.”

Many suspected that Jobs’ attempt to claim “le Mac, c’est moi” would backfire, starting a wave of anti-Jobs hysteria throughout the Mac community.

“Apple has been enjoying a string of successes,” said the New York Times’ David Pogue. “It would be a shame for the company to now alienate its most valuable resource – its dedicated fan base – simply to satisfy the ego of its chief executive.

“Who, apparently, wants people to refer to himself as ‘Mac Pro.’

“Hmm. I wonder if there’s some other explanation for this. ‘Cause that seems kind of weird, even for Jobs.”

The move is not unprecedented, however. Former Apple CEO Michael Spindler, for example, insisted for three months in the summer of 1995 that all Mac users refer to him as “Princess Glenda of the Wood.”

Jobs is expected to make the announcement of his new name at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in August.

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  1. Isn’t “Mac Pro” owned by that burger company and attributed when you emerge from their university after a full half-hour training?

  2. I should have waited… i could have been named Mac pro and kids in school would have respected me…

  3. Actually it seems more likely that Mac Pro will be the name of Steve Jobs’ clone; born and raised to lead Apple into the future.

  4. It’s obvious that this is all leading up to the announcement of Macs moving to AMD architecture as well as Intel architecture…they will thus name their secondary product line Mac Amateur, or Mac Wannabe, depending on how bitter they are feeling.. Those of us in the know are also currently saving up for the inevitable release of the MacPodâ„¢ Pro, MacWorkâ„¢ Pro, and MacLifeâ„¢ Pro, all of which will have their poser spin-offs.

  5. Performa is the kind of name that doesn’t get respect until the late teens, so I guess Mac Pro would have been a bit better. However, maintaining the correct product line evolution, you would be better named ‘iMac’ now, or even Mac Mini, neither of which would be particularly complimentary.

  6. “le Mac, c’est moi” would backfire, starting a wave of anti-Jobs hysteria throughout the Mac community.

    Not only that but there seems to be a lot of resistance to iTunes in France. It could backfire there too.

    BTW, Michael Spindler, really is Princess Glenda of the Wood, a good farie who was not so good as CEO of a computer company. He’s back in the wood, dancing naked on a toadstool where he belongs now.

  7. I think I’ve seen a “Glenda of the wood” on World of Warcraft. He’s a level 37 night elf (Druid), good dancer, into leather working.

    So does a Mac Genius now become Mac Pro Genius, and is that a bit redundant?

  8. I know when the Sexbots come out I’m buying a Sexbot not the Sexbot Pro. Sure the lower initial cost of the Pro is nice, but the fact you have to pay it every time you use it makes it much more expensive in the long run.

  9. i….pro..gram….
    Well, that was a rather understated pun/post…

    Very nice, NWJR.


  10. w00t 20ish!!

    I’d call Steve “Mac Pro” if he wanted it. Gees, he’s put in his share of the hard yards over the years, I think he can have this one!

    Of course, I’d laugh histerically every time I said it, but that’s par for the course.

  11. Del, all is forgiven. Nice sex bot pro comment and a link to an all time classic. I’m coming out of the woods for that one.

  12. Well, speaking of hysteria, I’m ready.
    Mass Hysteria will demand a little more work.
    But it’s my job to content…excuse me.
    It’s my Mac Book Pro to content people.

  13. OK. So what IF Teh Steve changed His name to Mac Pro?

    How would you address Him? Mr. Pro? Teh Mac? Hey Mac? Big Mac?

    You wouldn’t just outright call him Mac Pro now would you? It just doesn’t flow of the tongue.

    No Sex Bot Pro for me either, I’d fill up the coin slot too fast. And I heard the coin return is pretty shitty too.

  14. You can call me Mac Daddy for short. Cause I am the father of the Mac, and the Lisa. No, not the computer, my daughter!

    And if I gain some weight (I’m taking up eathing Big Macs from McDonalds) then you will call me “Big Mac Daddy.”

    We’re registering the name Mac Pro just in case I get fired again and actually have to get a real job.



  15. S – You could earn a living suing yourself for copyright infringement. Careful not to sratch yourself though, that could be costly.

  16. All I can say is that I aboslutely love World of Warcraft. I’ve been playing for about a year now and don’t plan on stopping. While WoW is addicting, I must say that I play for more than just the addiction, I play for the social aspect as well since a lot of my friends kick it in Azeroth! – Representing Akama – Lvl 60 Warrior

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