Stories We're Not Working On.

No story tonight as after a long, warm summer in Tacoma it’s time to clean the Crazy Apple Rumors Site barbecue grill and get it ready for winter. But here’s a list of stories we’re not working on. So don’t look forward to these stories in the future.

Because we’re not working on them.

  • Phil Schiller Drops a Grand on Hockey Pucks.
  • Apple Opening Retail Store in Menasha Wisconsin in The Middle of a Row of Derelict Store Fronts.
  • George Ou Cuts Himself Shaving, Blames Apple.
  • iTV Motherboard Based On Something Vaguely Familiar But I Can’t Quite Place It… Is It Max Ehrmann’s “The Desiderata of Happiness”? No! It’s Langston Hughes’ Poem “Mother to Son”!
  • Brown Zune Kinda Smells Funny.
  • Jobs Fires Cat.

    They just didn’t seem worth it.