Another wiener!

I mean winner!

Congratulations to Eric Ruppel who’s won himself some crap! He’ll soon be struttin’ in style in a new Crazy Apple Rumors Site t-shirt!

We’re getting more and more entrants every day and we’ve got fewer and fewer days left in the week. Your odds of winning are dropping exponentially! Can you feel the suspense?! I can!

Oh, wait, my shorts are just riding up.

13 thoughts on “Another wiener!”

  1. Is it really fair to not give us early adopters some sort of extra weight for our crappy emails?

    Oh, wait, I already have the extra weight, just around my waist.

    Never mind.

  2. I’m sure these names are not real, and that Moltz is getting his revenge for the missed overtaking we tried.
    Crappy crap.

  3. Mon Dieu! C’est Moi!

    I’d like to thank the members of the academy, my mom, my ISP and the sheer glowing joy that these crazy rumors provide – some people might say that glow is Cherenkov Radiation, but _we_ know better!

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