08 Jan 09IDG Delivers New Slogan For Macworld 2010.

IDG announced today that it is dropping the slogan “The start of a new era” for Macworld 2010, which Apple has announced it will not be attending, in favor of a new slogan.

IDG Vice President Paul Kent said “The new slogan reflects what we were hearing people say over and over again to each other about their plans for next year.”

“Everyone wants to come,” Kent said. “Someone just needs to be first. C’mon, it’s not like you people have anything better to do. Good lord, look at yourselves.”

No Responses to “IDG Delivers New Slogan For Macworld 2010.”

  1. Ace Deuce says:

    Most initial!

  2. Leader says:

    I’ll go ..First!

  3. Leader says:


  4. Ace Deuce says:

    I’ll go if they use my house instead of the Moscone Center.

  5. GroovyBrent says:

    Great… Now I have to go.

  6. Huck says:

    They don’t need a new slogan, they need a new name. How about: MacWhirled.

  7. Nxxx says:

    Why not call it “Post Jobs”.
    On second thoughts, our post office is in recession.

  8. buthidae says:

    I’ll go, but only if My Pants™ can be the keynote speaker.

  9. Dr. Uh, uhm... well, Smith says:

    That’s right, keep goin’ Moltz. Write another post tomorrow. Get in the habit of writing crazy apple rumors again, and this terrible hiatus can finally be over.

  10. Silly Rabbit says:

    Ten? Me? No! Really?!

  11. Sudo Nym says:


    Next year’s Expo will finally break the long series of horribly disappointing Apple keynotes, so I want to be there!

  12. Sue says:

    Start of a new era?

  13. blank says:

    I’m not going, and now that my employer isn’t either, there’s no one to make me. So there!

    Won’t miss it in the least.

  14. iMoo says:

    Um yeah… where ARE the Pants™ anyway?

  15. Steve G. says:

    I’ll go if it’s at Ace’s house! I’ll bring some beer.

    And John, I’m sure that person objecting to the bad language will object to:
    “Everyone wants to come,” Kent said. “Someone just needs to be first.”
    That’s subtly sexual. And we all know that no one is subtle around here. Requires too much damn thinking.

  16. Paul Kent says:

    This is actually very funny. But crissakes – we haven’t BUILT IT YET – how do you know what you will or won’t be coming to? Stay tuned.

  17. Kevin Costner says:

    If they pay me, I will go.

  18. James Earl Jones says:

    Me, too.

  19. "Shoeless Joe" says:

    Standing by…

  20. Sue says:

    Paul Kent reads CARS? Cool.

  21. John Moltz says:

    Paul, if there’s anything I can do…

  22. Nxxx says:

    Unless you stop this hiatus thing soon, your name is off to my mates Osama or Obama. I have trouble distinguishing between them and their aims.
    Hope I don’t send it to the wrong one. You don’t want the Revenue or Tobacco boys on your tail.

  23. Paul Kent says:

    Thanks, John – rest assured I’ll take you up on your kind offer 🙂

  24. The Croydon Prattler says:

    Croydon to Host MacWorld 2010

    Report filed by Acting Community and Commerce Desk Editor, Trevor Stopplepot

    At a press conference held today at the circus on Pump Pail Road beneath the Croydon Flyover, Croydon Chamber of Commerce Director Tony “Boney” Maroney announced that his group was close to an agreement with the organisers of the annual MacWorld conference to hold their annual tradespersons’ fête in our beloved little corner of Surrey. Also present at the announcement was the organisers’ representative Peggy Soo, who, upon hearing Mr. Maroney’s statement, looked as though she might fall off her chair.

    Standing beneath a giant banner that displayed the Chamber’s slogan — “Croydon: It’s Not Just a Flyover” — Mr. Maroney seems to have proudly stated that the planned venue for the event (now apparently dubbed “MacWorld Croydon”) will be the reputedly “comfortable and well appointed” Clubhouse of the Old Whitgiftian Association, of which, it seems, Mr. Maroney is a long-standing member. The slated speaker for the convention’s opening keynote address is a Mr. John Moltz, who we understand is particularly deserving of this honor.

    This reporter regrets that no actual quotes could be obtained from Mr. Maroney due to the excessive traffic noise coming from the bridge above and the surrounding circus. The factual content of this report was derived from the press release distributed at the beginning of the announcement. And though this reporter sought to interview Ms. Soo, she was way too tall and I was way to low. I wanted to jump, but was afraid I’d fall.

  25. Mike Rose says:

    Pretty snazzy, but I think I preferred the earlier version “I’ll Come If You Come.” Although I can see why you changed it.

  26. Nxxx says:

    Sadly MacWorld and its ponces, would not stand any chance against the Croydon Massive and if approaches are made from the North, they would be decimated by the ffffortoneeeeef Massive. Approach from the South would mean chancing your arm and arse in Brighton.
    Your only chance are The Tunnels but there are complications by them being connected to the Roman Chalk Mines at Hooley and Chislehurst which have their own feral gangs.

  27. Streetrabbit says:

    Is that sung to the tune of “Loch Lomond”?

  28. Nxxx says:

    Is there a tune to “Loch Lomond”?

  29. borja Moreno says:

    it´s sound nike, or maybe is a twist (joke) from that one