Friday Feature: Crazy Apple Poll!

We’re thrilled to announce that, enjoyed the gratuitous profanity.

You people are impossible to please.

Hence the poll. We take your opinions seriously here at CARS. After receiving the results, we’ll put the data into a sophisticated database system with a Java front end and MySQL back end which Ugluk coded himself. We’ll crunch the numbers and then run some spreadsheets using complex formulas to determine trends and print out some charts. The charts will be airlifted to the Mohave Desert where an elite strike force will dispose of them by means of detonation with C4.

And then we will never speak of this again.

Now, please, take the poll!

How do you feel about the profanity on CARS?
Too much profanity.
Not enough profanity.
The profanity is juuuust riiiight… OH, MY GOD, A BEAR!
I don’t care about the profanity. But I would like to see more porn by Rip Ragged.
Why don’t you take your %^&*ing poll and stick it in your @$$?
There’s been profanity? Oh. Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.
Does Jack Miller know you’ve stolen his bit?
¿Dónde está mi sombrero nuevo?
Current Results