Let's Give A Shout-Out To The Second Sign Of The Cyber-Apocalypse!

Y’all a-member the Cyber-Apocalypse, dontcha!? Sure ya do!

Three the signs shall be and the signs shall be three. The first sign rolled in last fall and now word has reached us that – w00t! – Quark’s finished XPress for OS X! Second sign, baby! Cyber-Apocalypse is almost in dah house!

The actual passage in the ancient text goes something like “Yea, and verily as the last application is ported to OS X, the sign of Anubis will appear on the baked good with jimmies.”

And, sure enough, sign of Anubis on a doughnut in the Krispy Kreme box this morning. Kind of makes you wonder what the hell’s going on down at the Krispy Kreme when they’re spelling out the name of the Egyptian guardian of the underworld with jimmies.

“Mmmmm… forbidden doughnut…”

On the other hand, it’s kind of nice that there’s confirmation of each sign of the Cyber-Apocalypse. That way there’s no arguing about it. Not like that regular apocalypse. What a mess that is.

No, whoever thought up these confirmations was really on the ball. We didn’t mention the last one because, well… let’s see, how can I put this without revealing too much?

You know that dream where you’re in high school and you suddenly realize you’re naked? Well, replace “high school” with “Apple campus” and “you” with “Apple executive.”

That’s all I’m sayin’. He or she was very embarrassed about it, so the less said the better.

There was apparently a unicycle and a llama involved in it, too…

Anyway, we decided to ask the Entity what the second sign means for the Mac community. When we found him and told him that QuarkXPress was coming next week… he… well…

He… uh…

Well, OK, he ran out of the building screaming.

But, look, he overreacts to everything.