Inside Apple

We haven’t had one in a while, but our popular Inside Apple feature is back with a vengeance as sources within Pixar were able to pass us the tape from the answering machine in Steve Jobs’ office! We were, admittedly, somewhat surprised to find that Jobs has an actual answering machine with a tape in it, but when you strike rumor gold you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth!

You, uh, also probably shouldn’t mix metaphors like that.

I know that, technically, this might be considered Inside Pixar, but the transcript of this tape will reveal just how hard it is for Jobs to keep his two companies separate on any given day.

Enjoy… Inside Apple.

[Tuesday, 4/6/2004, 9:15 AM]

SENIOR VP OF HARDWARE ENGINEERING JON RUBINSTEIN: Hi, Steve? It’s Jon. Listen, we’ve got a situation over here… a shortage situation we’re working on and… well, it looks like… it looks like… see, I thought we were all going to get a fruit cup at the manager’s breakfast meeting and… well… I was the last one in line and… no fruit cup. I know you’re working on other things… but… I just… the thing is… I just… Well, I think Avie might have taken two fruit cups. And, uh… that’s just… I don’t think… I don’t think people should be taking two of anything before everyone’s had a turn through the line, so… uh… well… When you get this message, could you please give me a call? Th-thanks.


[Tuesday, 4/6/2004, 10:22 AM]

RUBINSTEIN: Hi, it’s Jon again. I was just checking to see if you were back yet. Guess not. I’ll, uh… I’ll try you again later. Just… trying to clear up the fruit cup thing. Bye.


[Tuesday, 4/6/2004, 11:27 AM]

RUBINSTEIN: Steve, I’m sorry to bother you again, but… I was just thinking… uh… well, if you’re going to come over here at some point… could you pick me up a fruit cup on the way? I’ll pay you back. I mean… I could get something else here, but now I’m thinking about a fruit cup, you know? Got myself all psyched up for it, I guess. [sigh] Um… how’s your day going? Hope it’s going good. I’ll talk to you later.


[Tuesday, 4/6/2004, 1:15 PM]

CHIEF SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY OFFICER AVIE TEVANIAN: Steve, it’s Avie. Listen, I don’t know if you’ve heard from Jon or not, but if you do, you’re gonna hear a lot of talk about a fruit cup and… well, yeah, I took his fricking fruit cup… but it’s only because I left him an extra yogurt because the last time he kept complaining there wasn’t enough yogurt. Just… trying to do the right thing here. It’s like I can’t win with this guy. Anyway… call me.


[Tuesday, 4/6/2004, 2:55 PM]

SENIOR VP OF RETAIL RON JOHNSON: Hi, Steve, it’s Ron. Listen, Steve, we’ve got a problem with iPod mini projections. We’re running into real supply problems and I think we need to do something to make it good with the customers. I’m thinking about a free upgrade to the 15 GB model which helps solve our problem and gives them a little bonus. So, I wanted to get your feedback on that. I’ll be around this afternoon if you want to call me. Oh, and Avie took Jon’s fruit cup.


[Tuesday, 4/6/2004, 3:27 PM]

SENIOR VP OF APPLICATIONS SINA TAMADDON: Steve, it’s Sina. I just heard there was a manager’s breakfast this morning. Is that something I should have been invited to? Because… I wasn’t. Just thought I would ask. Since I am a Senior Vice President. You know. And I heard there was fruit cup. It sounded nice. So please call me.