Information Surfaces on September iMac's Cardboard Box.

While information on the September iMacs is sketchy at best, details on the cardboard box it will come in are beginning to shape up.

Sources within Apple’s cardboard box division indicate that the box will indeed be squarish, featuring folding flaps on both the top as well as the bottom. Rumors of a cylindrical container now appear to be false, but sources promise that this will be a box to remember.

“This is the kind of cardboard box Mac users have been looking forward to seeing their Macs in for years,” said one source. “It’s really going to knock their socks off.”

With high-quality construction and a laminate exterior featuring pictures of the product, this box will be a must-have for the discriminating iMac buyer.

Plus, they’re all just going to come with one anyway.

“You’re definitely going to get one,” the source said, “but this is a box you’re probably go out and buy for your iMac if you didn’t.

“If you have children, they’re really going to want to play with this cardboard box.”

Indeed, because of Apple’s history in the education market, the company’s boxes have long been known to be “kid-friendly.”

Apple only recommends removing plastic bags and cable ties which can be a choking hazard, and soaking the box in a solution of hypochlorous acid to remove the exterior laminate which, as every Mac user knows, is highly toxic and should never come in contact with the eyes, mouth, ears, nose or genitals.

Alternatively, any federally registered abatement company can remove the laminate for you and dispose of it by detonating it in the desert.

Meanwhile, information on the Styrofoam supports internal to the box is proving harder to come by. Some sources did indicate that they had seen several prototype Styrofoam supports around the Apple campus including a Flower Power support that has since been abandoned in favor of plain white.

As the September iMac’s introduction approaches, more information on flyer inserts, adhesive licensing notices and possibly even the inclusion of a small bag of desiccant will hopefully become available.