Macworld Boston To Be Held In Larry's Basement.

After announcing yesterday that Macworld Boston will move venues to provide “a more intimate setting, IDG announced today that the event is now scheduled to take place in Larry’s basement.

A press release issued by the company said “Larry’s basement is an ideal venue for Boston’s preeminent Apple event. With easy access to the freeway and even a small fridge, Larry’s basement has all the features the discriminating Mac user desires in a conference site.

“Also… that Larry! What a crack-up!”

The only problem with this venue, IDG Vice President of Business Development and Operations Colin Crawford said, was Larry’s mom.

“She’s always callin’ down and asking if we want any soda or chips and then Larry’s all like ‘Mom, leave us aloooooone!‘ and then they get into it and it’s a whole big thing.”

However, Crawford emphasized, Larry does have a foosball table and a Playstation and the basement was refinished in the late 1980s.

“We were well pleased to be able to book Larry’s basement for the 5-10 people we expect to show up for next year’s Macworld Creative Pro Conference Expo Extravo-Rama… uh…

“What the hell name did we settle on for that thing again?”

Sources close to Larry indicate that he will be going all out for this event, getting out the Zeppelin tapes, putting up the poster of Nastassia Kinski with the snake and, if the mood is right, even screwing the black light into the bare socket in the ceiling.

“Houses of the Holy will be played,” a source said. “I can guarantee you that, my friend! And there’s even talk of, not a six, not a twelve-pack, but a case of Old Milwaukee!

“Larry’s brother found it on the side of the road a couple of years ago and we’ve just been waitin’ for the right moment to break it out! A gift from the gods like that? You don’t just blow it on some Saturday night sitting around watching soft porn on cable.”

Apple was unavailable for comment.

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  1. I’m so past this need to be the 1st, or 2nd, or 11th poster. I really read the articles, and I don’t just look at the centerfolds.

  2. Perhaps they can hold Macworld Boston in the same apartment that the 2000 Libertarian convention was held… if the Denny’s still isn’t available…

  3. not that I understand alcohol or anything, but is it not the occasion for IDG to actually spring for a whole keg? or is there some sort of deposit that one would need first?

    I have no idea about those draconian Northerner laws, so I don’t know if they even have beer up there.

    oh, and Mr. Bear, sir, I for one actually do read the stories, and I make comments relevant to the topic at hand.

    That said…11th POST™!!!!

  4. I guess Wayne and Garth’s basement was occupied, huh?

    One would also assume parking would be a real hassle in a residential neighborhood, until one remembers that Apple won’t be there.

    Parking problem solved.

  5. Dude, Wayne and Garth’s basement is in Aurora, Illinois. I don’t think they wanna move the expo that far.

    Party time! Excellent!

  6. Hey guess what say it is today? It’s International Base 12 day when everyone gets to think and count in base 12! Hooray!

    11th post.

  7. “Larry’s basement?!”

    What about the AtAT Compound?

    Given the size of the poll supporting a “Jacknote” at this year’s Expo, the popularity of “As the Apple Turns” would probably attract TWICE as many people!

    (Assuming of course, that the AtAT compound would hold 10-20 people….)

  8. As I recall from when CARS took over the AtAT compound the CARS editorial staff (yes I said that without laughing… much) barely fit inside. With a Jack note they’re going to need a little more room than that.

    Maybe they should have it at the Apple Store. Then Apple HAS to be there.

  9. That’s good, Huck. I’m glad your therapy and Prozac have made you less obsessive over the 11th post. After all, there is nothing really special about the 11th post. Now, the 12th post, THAT’S a post number of greatness. You don’t see that kind of post number everyday! (gulps down Prozac pill) That’s better, everything is so…even…now…What was I talking about? Oh, never mind…

  10. hey, now, don’t go starting no more posts that are all that important. already we got 1st, 11th, 40th, 100th, and 1000th. you start that 12th post shenanigans, and we’ll be here all night.

  11. My favorite post is #1622 there isn’t anything like it. The satisfaction I got when I clicked the post button was amazing. I’ve had my share of first posts and #1622 blew those out of the water. It really is the experience of a lifetime.

  12. enough with the numbers. it’s hurting my head and reminding me that I have homework to do.

    besides, Gamera will come and use his rocket-turtle powers to make you do you studies so you can get into a good school. in the future. without the need for space clothing.

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