Apple To Announce "Fun" New Products Next Week.

Reports today indicate that Apple is set to announce some “fun new products” next week. Crazy Apple Rumors Site has confirmed these reports and, further, learned what these products will be.

In an interview on the Apple campus today, Apple head of hardware engineering Peter Mehring was remarkably forthcoming.

Displaying a table full of new products, Mehring walked through each, explaining it at detail.

He may have been drinking.

“This one’s a paddle with a rubber string with a ball on the end!” he said, visibly excited. “I, personally, cannot get enough of this thing! Ha-ha!”

Mehring picked up the paddle game and attempted to demonstrate but was unable to make contact.


“Here, let me try again.


Putting the paddle back down, Mehring said “Well, you get the idea. Loads of fun. People are really going to like that one.”

Moving on, Mehring described a paper-based system where users enter types of words – nouns, verbs, etc. – at random into stories often with hilarious results and something remarkably similar to Lawn Darts.

Asked if Apple – already the target of numerous class action lawsuits – was concerned about the potential for litigation, Mehring insisted that these products were “fun” and that anyone not having “fun” with them would be voiding their warranty.

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