iPhone Looks Like Crap.

A disturbing report on what is clearly the upcoming iPhone leads to the incontrovertible conclusion that what many hoped would be the next flagship Apple product just looks like crap.

“What the hell is that?” asked the New York Times’ David Pogue. “What a fricking piece of crap!”

Pogue’s criticism was echoed by other analysts.

“Here I was thinking the iPhone was going to be this incredibly cool, slim device, said the Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg.

“But this… this looks like a pack of smokes with a couple of buttons on it.”

Others attempted to explain away the appearance of the images in the patent application.

“Haven’t you ever seen those concept cars?” asked Wired’s Leander Kaheny. “Well, the finished product never looks like the concept.

“Of course… in that example the concept always looks better than the finished product. And this…

“Jesus, what a piece of crap.”

Apple declined to comment for this story, but did ask “What? You don’t like it?”