Crap of doom!

Congratulations to our very own Don of Doom! He’s tonight’s winner in the Crazy Apple Rumors Site 5th Anniversary Crap Giveaway!

16 thoughts on “Crap of doom!”

  1. Con-crap-ulations of Doom, Don!! Enjoy your crap.

    And from our “probably already been done” category, does that mean John’s giving away brown Zunes? Thank you! God bless! Have a great night everyone. Cedar Rapids rocks. We love you all. Good night.

  2. It’s a worry when winning on CARS makes my day….of DOOM!!! Thanks John! I’d also just like to thank Phil for making this possible, and of course all the other CARS posters – may all your crap come true!

  3. Way to go, Don.

    I may have to go buy a shirt under a different assumed name and claim I won, just so my family won’t deny my existence. The tension is thick.

  4. As we reach the end of the week, do the prizes get crappier or better?
    I know there are some people hoping that there will be Ponies™…

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