Nothing tonight!

At the invitation of the lovely and talented Brent Simmons, the entire CARS staff is headed up I-5 to attend tonight’s meeting of Seattle Xcoders.

In the comments, please answer the following question: if humans were classes, which human would you inherit from (not your parents – who would you want to inherit from)?

Maybe some geeks can explain that.

33 thoughts on “Nothing tonight!”

  1. Inherit?? I’d just use a helper object. Person. Whatever.

    Once upon a time (before Baywatch), there was a man with no name. Knight Industries decided that if this man were given guns and wheels and booster rockets, he would be the perfect crime-fighting tool. First they thought, “Let’s subclass him and override everything we need to add the guns and wheels and booster rockets.” The problem was that to subclass Michael Knight, you would need to know an awful lot about his guts so that you could wire them to guns and booster rockets. So instead, they created a helper object, the Knight Industries 2000 Super Car, or “Kitt.”

    Notice how this is different from the RoboCop approach. RoboCop was a man subclassed and extended. The whole RoboCop project involved dozens of surgeons who extended the man’s brain into a fighting machine. This is the approach taken with many object-oriented frameworks.

    While approaching the perimeter of an arms dealer’s compound, Michael Knight would speak to Kitt over his watch-radio. “Kitt,” he would say, “I need to get to the other side of that wall.” Kitt would then blast a big hole in the wall with a small rocket. After destroying the wall, Kitt would return control to Michael, who would stroll through the rubble.

    Many objects in the Cocoa framework are extended in much the same way.

    From Cocoa Programming For Mac OS X (2nd Ed.), by Aaron Hillegass

  2. So, anyway, maybe we can debate whether we’d rather be Michael Knight or Robocop? I think Michael Knight cos then I’d still get to have sex. I mean, even if I was KITT every now and again some hot girl might sit in my passenger seat.

    I have to go and have a cry now because I’m not Michael Knight and I think a talking car gets more action than me.

  3. I wouldn’t mind inherit from Ingvar Kamprad – he’s stinking rich and is getting pretty old as well.

    … or did you mean “inherit” as classes do, such as inherit behaviour, looks and stuff? In that case I think I have to think again…

  4. We inherit many of our characteristics from our class (Class Mammalia). I guess it depends on what kind of geek looks at these things.

  5. And I would definitely like to inherit from Steve Jobs.

    And if you allow multiple inheritance, I would inherit from Bill Gates… his fortune.


  6. I would like to have inherited:

    the ability to paint in watercolors from Tiger Woods

    Clint Eastwood’s singing voice

    David Spade’s athleticism

    the sensitivity of Michael Savage

    the humility of Donald Trump

    Paris Hilton’s tits ( attached to something with functioning brain cells)

    a small dog that eats cats

    Paul Allen’s debit card and PIN number

    a comfortable pair of Italian-made pumps

  7. I would inherit from my 7th grade algebra class, where I learned I came from the square root of -1. That’s right, I’m complex. And my wife agrees.

  8. May I suggest inheriting some bindings from iMona, a mutant lesbian ninja sexbot dominatrix.

    This has been the obligatory lesbian ninja sexbot reference.

    Thank you for your attention.

  9. Looks like the Moltz visit has crashed Seattle Xcoders site.

    John: So, anyway, like I was saying you take the Ajax and pour it in here. That’ll take care of all your soap problems. Yep. Darn tooting. Mmmhmm.

    Brent: Sweet dude.

  10. My parents wore glasses and so do I, but their glasses are no good for me, different prescription.

    Sod. You wrote classes.

  11. We were going to write a poem, but then we realized that John was talking that geek talk again.

    Besides, it’s spring break. We’re all driving to the shore to get trashed! Woo hoo!

  12. For me, it would be element 74, Tungsten:

    heavy, high melting, gives a sharp edge to cutting tools, glows brightly when excited.

    On second thought, maybe a tungsten-clad Michael Knight, for reasons Paul outlined above.

  13. didn’t anyone read my comment about the don software?

    Yeah, really. I like to be the first one to download and write reveiws for all apps on VT, MU, etc, the lack of a download link and contact links is very frustrating.

    Did a search on every major search engine, but nothing found. What gives??

    I know i’m a Dan, and a feature i would like to see would be allowing tasks, etc to be assigned to a DAN, or Dave (my brother) or DAD, GranDAD, etc.

    i just realized the authors site is probably over the usage limit.

    Will check back later, no mirror site?

    Anyone who has downloaded this, please forward to:

  14. Handsome idiot. Syllabically speaking I am 60% there. Oddly, I’m working in somewhat reverse order as I have accomplished the 3rd, 4th, and 5th syllables, but not the first two.

    The nice thing about being an idiot is that there is very little stress involved in living up to the expectations of others.

  15. noticed there no no info posted for the don software yet.

    as a doug, i would like to suggest a custom feature for people whose names begin with d.

    searched for the ware using zuula but no results.

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