Bloggers Respond To O'Reilly's Blogger's Code.

Reacting to a recent incident where a blogger’s life was threatened, publisher and blogger Tim O’Reilly issued a a blogger’s code of conduct, which was subsequently covered by the New York Times.

Despite his good intentions, the response of many bloggers was negative, complaining that it was an unnecesary overreaction.

“I found this post a little odd coming from Tim,” said blogger Nick Carr. “It’s well known in the technology industry that – while Tim’s very polite on his blog – if you meet him in person you’ll get treated to a 30-minute spittle-shower screed about ‘the god damn Germans’.

“I mean he really, really doesn’t like them. I have no idea why.

“Well, at least that’s what I heard. I can’t remember where.”

Carr also allowed that while he thought it was Germans, it might have been Mexicans O’Reilly dislikes so much.

But sources close to the technology industry maven indicate that it is indeed Germans.

“Not a lot of people know this,” a source said, “but Tim is actually 109 years old. He fought the Kaiser, you know.”

In a hand-written note that is unlikely to make the front page of the New York Times, O’Reilly responded briefly and courteously to Jeff Jarvis’ reaction to his code:

My Esteemed Colleague:

I should rather lay down with the stinking Jerries than engage in the uncouth sport of verbal sparring with such loutery. I shall rise above your gutterisms, leaving you to wallow in the filth with the vile Hun.

I remain your humble servant,

Timothy O’Reilly, III – Esq.

Meanwhile, on O’Reilly’s blog, the most recent post reads in its entirety:

A beverage that I truly enjoy is Moxie. I believe its Genetian root extractives make it a delectable thirst quencher. However, I could see how someone else could have a different opinion and I respect that.

Crazy Apple Rumors Site considered contacting O’Reilly directly prior to publication of this story but then thought, eh, fuck it, he’d probably just ignore us anyway.

It should also be noted that several sites have gone beyond the pale in criticising him as a “German-hating, kerchief-clutching fop”. We’d take them to task over it, but we kinda lost the links and and actually believe that Twittering about Desktop Tower Defense is more important.

Commenters to this post are encouraged to post their true feelings about the Blogger’s Code of Conduct, O’Reilly, Germans and Moxie and their relative preference for big butts.

45 thoughts on “Bloggers Respond To O'Reilly's Blogger's Code.”

  1. Wouldn’t it be father language if you’re talking about German? Cuz, ya know, Germany was known as the fatherland, and Russia was the motherland.

  2. I used to like big butts. I especially liked them if they had just been stuck into the sand and not smashed or bent up, so they’re easier to light. But I quit smoking. I still like enormous asses, though.

    I’m okay with Germans. Hell some of my best friends are Germans. As for codes of conduct, well, I just think ill-mannered people should be hunted down, disabled, and fed to wolves. Bad manners tend to disappear when you don’t know who’s really mean enough to off your dumb ass.

    If Moxie is IPA, I’d like a half gallon of it. Please.

  3. I don’t know this O’Reily fellow, but his name sounds… well… Irish.

    So, uh, …well.

    Also, I had a pet hamster called Moxie.

  4. i am so, so late… but then i had to think of some witty thing to say and it took me a while.

  5. No code, no bill, no germans, no moxies, no big butts for me. I’ll take twitters for 100, alex.

  6. # redeyebase Says:

    “I am so, so late… but then I had to think of some witty thing to say and it took me a while.”

    As you may or may not have noticed, thinking of some witty thing to say is not something I ever worry about…

    Wait, that didn’t come out right…

    Never mind.

  7. Brilliant stuff, but I believe you mean to say gentian, not genetian… Ah, the gentian… “Gentians, the real aristocrats in the plant empire” a fellow named Halda once said to me. Fantastic!

    Now Genetians… There’s a messy bunch from a backwater planet. Not even advanced enough to recognise a lifeform at 10 yards. If you don’t believe me, check with the Entity.

    -=The Doctor=-

  8. Since you asked… I like big butts and I cannot lie. You other brothers can’t deny that when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face you…

    I can’t go through with it. I thought it would be a little funny but I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  9. I believe an excess of Mirror Pond Pale Ale hath occluded your senses, letting only the strangest ramblings through. I found this piece of prose to be quite daft, as a matter of fact. Although that could stem from the admittance that I have no knowledge of this Tim O’Reilly chap and not the slightest notion of the events contextualized.

    Oh my, did I just make up a word?

  10. I dunno… Big butts have their place in the world.

    Usually on the back of the front.

    Works well there…

  11. No ifs, ands, or derrieres about it: bloggers shouldn’t blog except in the most polite way imaginable.

  12. Nobody should read any blog of any kind.


    Never ever.

    No way.

  13. I once heard that O’Reilly called Hitler a “nappy-moustachioed little German”.

    But I could be wrong.

  14. Fricking BBEdit doesn’t underline misspelled words that are pasted into it. “Gutterisms” isn’t a word, apparently. Someone should alert O’Reilly.

  15. AHH… takes me back, way back… FortranIV.. now that was truly a code of conduct… ya see there was this bavarian secretary… conduct? well we will just say i have an appreciation for big butts to this day… still… yes indeed…That was conduct… humm i wonder if tim has a bavar… no.. Polish secretary… lends new meaning to c++.

  16. Code of conduct, nice idea, like world peace, not gonna happen.

    O’Reilly, a bit too wond up, needs a new mainspring.

    Germans, not sure what to do with themselves, world domination didn’t work, so let’s “f” it up for everybody else.

    Moxie, who cares

    Big butts, the bigger the cushion, the sweeter the pushin, that’s what I said

    The looser the waist band the deeper the quicksand, or so I have read…….e

  17. I just don’t understand what the big deal is about a large roll with a hard crust. I like them.

  18. I saw the words “O’Reilly” and “overreaction” and thought, “They must be talking about that guy

    on ‘The Fox Noise Channel'”.

    But then I read further and saw the words “polite” and “respect” and thought, “Nah…can’t be that


    The whole hating Mexicans thing muddies it up a bit though.

    Some day, I’ll read entire sentences and let you know what I really think.

    I like someone with Moxie. But I like someone with a six-pack of Yuengling better.

  19. Speaking of big butts: Does anyone know what happened to the giant inflatable ass used to promote “Baby Got Back”? I used to come home to that thing staring at me from the roof of the HMV store in downtown Toronto. It was huge. Larger than Roger Waters’ inflatable pig. Which, now that I think about it, I also saw floating around on my way home one night …

  20. If you find that butt, I’d like to spend a little time with it….if you don’t mind.

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  22. Abuser,

    That is just pathetic, you know? First of all, there’s no shame in not making the first comment. Also, CARS and Brady Bunch should be capitalized.

    We have standards here. They’re low, but they’re standards. Dammit.

    Mommy, can I have another Girl Scout cookie?

  23. My mommy lives 600 miles away!

    The rest is pretty accurate except the pimples. I don’t have any.

    And the washing clothes, I do my own. Wife doesn’t do them as well.

    And the morning wank. I don’t have time for a wank while playing video games on my hated PC.

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