Fresh back from the Thanksgiving holiday, I wish I had something thankful to report, but sadly I bring you only..

KILLER ROBOT RAMPAGE! (Not to be confused with the band of the same name.)

Thanks to Macworld’s Peter Cohen for the tip. There’s a guy who’s got the proper level of concern about robots sneaking into his house at night, knocking the furniture over and stealing his liver.

I don’t know what robots would do with a human liver. Possibly put it in some hideous killer cyborg, possibly just stick it in a jar of formaldehyde and put it up high on a shelf in their basement and forget about it until about ten years later when they went down there to find some carpet tacks and see it and say “Oh, there’s that human liver! Hey, Theo! Remember when I was looking all over for that human liver a couple of years ago?! Ha-ha! Ahhh… Biddy-biddy.”

Either way, pretty gruesome. One of your major organs roaming a post-apocalyptic landscape in a destructive metal behemoth or having it spend eternity next to Twiki’s washers.

Although the latter’s clearly worse. I mean… Twiki for Christ’s sake. How humiliating.

Anyway, here’s hoping your Thanksgiving holiday wasn’t filled will Ballmer-esque automatons tossing chairs and shouting “Developers! Developers! Developers!” and sweating all over the place.

Kind of makes your drunk uncle Rudy’s antics look tame, don’t it?


  1. Hahahaha… “Furniture smashin’ robotic rampage”. And to think that I was thinking of getting my elderly old mom one of those things to help her in and out of her chair.. heh, heh.

    Guess maybe I’ll look at some of the others before I let a Hitachi loose in amongst the old mombo’s settees and highboys.

    Robots, sure they’re cute and all, but never forget where that “killall” switch is.

    I’m just sayin’

  2. I think he prefers it as just the one, melded word.

    “Drunkle Rudy”.

    Says it makes him sound like some kind of super hero. But then he asked me repeatedly if I was looking at him, followed by assuring me repeatedly that he was just joking and that I’m alright.

    I just don’t know.

  3. What would the robots do with a human liver, you ask? Make pâté, of course!

    As an aside, I have a complaint. At the bottom of the comments page, I was offered Bi Zithromax. However, when I clicked on the link, it was quite clearly lesbian Zithromax, which was not helpful and in fact rebuffed my earnest advances.

  4. Masako has temporarily managed to delete the spammer links. We’ll be doing a WordPress upgrade later today.

  5. Carbonfish said: “Robots, sure they’re cute and all, but never forget where that ‘killall’ switch is.”

    And, um…. make sure you know what the “killall” switch does, too. Because it might not be what you think.

  6. It still saddens me that doing the voice of that damned robot was Mel Blanc’s last job. He deserved better.

    At the very least he should have been allowed to say, “Biddy, Biddy Biddy…Bite me Buck!”


    Gasp, not another one!


    Oh, this sounds serious!


    Oh, that. Naw, you misunderstand … it was just Bender experimenting with some home made booze. “Bite my shiny metal ass” isn’t a threat.

    Man, you had me scared for a second there!

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