Some Dude In Nigeria Has Your .Mac Sync

In a disappointing announcement, Apple admitted today that some dude in Nigeria has your most recent .Mac sync.

“We’re not sure how it happened, said an embarrassed senior vice president of software development Bertrand Serlet. “But everyone’s .Mac syncs have been going to this dude in Nigeria.

“For, uh, like five years. Whew! Boy, is there egg on our faces!”

Serlet indicated that he wasn’t sure why anyone hadn’t noticed until now.

“There are only about 14 people actually using .Mac syncing, so that might be part of it. Also, Mac users don’t really have any sensitive information. It’s all phone numbers, recipes, comic book collections and kitty pictures.

“Really. They’re the lamest bunch of losers I’ve ever had the misfortune of trying to sell crap to.”

While this raises serious issues for OS X security, testing indicates that this announcement does not impact Leopard’s Back to My Mac feature, which allows a user to connect to a Mac remotely using a .Mac connection.

“Yeah,” said Macworld’s Chris Breen, “Our testing shows that Back to My Mac is not affected.

“‘Cause ‘Back to My Mac’ doesn’t work. Seriously. I’ve been trying for days and I can’t get the damn thing to work at all. So, no problemo there.”

Further, sources in Nigeria say the dude, Ajani, is totally cool and would never use your .Mac sync for nefarious purposes anyway so…

27 thoughts on “Some Dude In Nigeria Has Your .Mac Sync”

  1. I didn’t even know .Mac Sync has been around that long…
    Go figure….

    Oh, and back in the top ten, thank you very much!

  2. Don’t mess with my synch !

    What’s this thing you call synch, actually ?
    Important ?

  3. Why hasn’t anyone posted that we are all back to our Macs?

    Well some might have Ubuntu…….or………..even……………..GatesComp………..must go and wash my keyboard.

  4. Sanu, my friends.

    So this is CARS, or as we call them here in Nigeria, MOTORS. Yawah. I see from your .mac sync that you are all fine upstanding people.

    Except for Moltz, why, those pictures of you and the goat turn my stomach! Every time I look at them. Which is every five minutes or so.

    Well, Sai Angima! See you later!



  5. Now that I’ve read it…

    You can tell Bertrand that I think .Mac is the lamest bunch of crap Apple has ever tried to get $99 from me for… about which… (I don’t know how to end that sentence without a preposition. Or I’m probably just too lazy.)

    I subscribed immediately when it was announced to make sure I got the email address I wanted. It was free then. When they started charging a year later, I paid. I even renewed once, because they gave me The Sims for free when I renewed. Then I started wondering what exactly I was paying $8.3333333333333 a month for… again with the preposition ending thing. Damn.

    The Sims was certainly not worth it and after that first year, they stopped giving me free surprises, too. I got a hunny worth of free software as surprise bonuses in my first paid year. Some were even useful. That made it worth it.

    I would like to have some of the .Mac stuff. But ninety-nine clams a year?!?! Not even with the devalued USD making it effectively half that.

  6. syncing’s a cinch, in the klink or in a clinch
    i’m thinking of syncing a wench with a winch

  7. reluctant ron from rome to london
    keeps his data with dexterity
    when he turns his macbook on
    sync ron i city

  8. As one of the 14 victims, I am outraged. This guy borrowed my entire Sandman and Preacher collection. And I really really want them back. According to my pirated copy of “Take Control of Suing Apple” two years of unreturned goods is a legit reason to sue Cupertino.

    Can’t wait to face off Apples lawyer army. And with this Take Control Manual… how can I loose?

    Right? Guys? Right?

  9. That makes complete sense! I have an extensive amount of original lolcat art on my Mac and I’ve been noticing that *similar* lolcat pic’s keep showing up on

  10. Umm, sorry about all this confusion, but I can assure you all that it was for a good cause.

    I had received a letter some years back from a very nice young fellow with perhaps the saddest story I had ever heard, involving his recently-deceased father (a high-ranking government official) and a fairly large sum of cash that needed to be moved out of the country in order to assist refugees from his country.

    I was asked to send all .Mac information to them, to help facilitate the transfer of… well, let’s just say that it was millions of dollars. This was a necessary step for the First National Bank of Mangubu to be willing to authorize the transfer of the cash. All for which I would get a healthy commission, of course.

    So far the transaction seems to be working out just as planned. I have sent them the .Mac information as agreed, as well as my bank account and routing information, and a bunch of social security numbers for good measure. I expect my commission any minute now.

    Soon, I expect to be wealthy enough to be able to pay a staff of underlings to stay up in the wee small hours watching for new posts so I can crack the !@#$%$ elusive top-ten comment barrier.

  11. “They’re the lamest bunch of losers I’ve ever had the misfortune of trying to sell crap to.”

    Wow, he really has me pegged. I won’t even try to deny it. Back to my collection of big-eyed kitty pictures to console myself. Snif…

  12. I’m glad I’m not the only one who can’t get “Back to my Mac” working!

    And I still have my kitchen sync, by the way, so I don’t seem to be affected.

  13. Girlfriend,

    The news that “Everything I Own” (in the way of kitty pictures) is “Gone” to nigeria is “Tearin’ Up My Heart.” In fact, “It Makes Me Ill” just thinking about it! But even though “I’m Up Against The Wall,” “This I Promise You” — “I Want You Back” (to my Mac, of course), and “It’s Gonna Be Me” who makes it happen! So just remember, Ajani — “What Goes Around” … “You Got It?”
    “Here We Go!”
    “Bye Bye Bye,”

    P. S. That wasn’t too harsh, was it? I didn’t mean to be INXS…

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