The outpouring of sentiment from sites across the Apple web community has been pretty overwhelming. I’m sobbing into my morning gin and tonic as I type this.

And you know what? Tears actually make a great mixer. My tears, of course, are not as sweet as the tears of children, but you take what you can get.

Anyway, my thanks to Mike Lee, Brent Simmons, John Gruber, Paul Kafasis, Gus Mueller, Scott McNulty, Tom Krazit, Chris Breen, Dan Moren, Glenn Fleishman, Rich Mogull, Snaggy, Jason Snell, Matt Deatherage (who gets in his last digs at my spelling – like I’ve said, I’m a product of a poor education, Matt!) and all the people in the comments here.

You know what?! Forget it! I’m staying! I love you guys! I could never leave you! We’re getting the band back together! We’re going to pile in the VW microbus and drive around playing our music our way and solving mysteries and we’re gonna rock all night long and if anyone tries to tell us to be quiet we’re gonna say “Go to bed, old man, because rock and roll is here to stay!”

Oh, wait, I still don’t have any money.

Plus, we were never a band together or anything like that.


Never mind.

Last day. Final post coming up later.

And it’s a tear-jerker, so bring some liquor.