My Mac Celebrity Crib

Hey, yo, y’all. Guess who was on Mac Celebrity Cribs?

Wrong! It was me!

Mac Celebrity Cribs from John Moltz on Vimeo.

See, it’s easy to be on a show when you just make it up! It’s a fun game you can play at home by yourself!

(Ages 5 and up. Children should consult an adult when uploading video of themselves to the Internet. Refills available for $30/each. Mac Celebrity Cribs is a product of Giant Squid Productions, LLC, and all rights are reserved.)

72 thoughts on “My Mac Celebrity Crib”

  1. who cares about you and your pathetic so called life anymore. you don’t care about us, moltz so f*** off.
    you’re not a mac celeb anymore, just a mac douche.

  2. Thanks, but only if it comes with a free sexbot. Just one, let rest of the family find their own.

  3. The Performa actually has a “secret hole” that you can do all sorts of fun stuff with. Stuff you should probably be doing with your wife or a girl.

  4. Wassup, docklet?

    Is that a double-barrelled sawed-off 12-gauge shotgun, or are you just happy to see me?

    Oops, no offense meant; settle down Elmer!

  5. Mr. Moltz Sir,
    After a period of simple entries in “your blog”, as I believe it is known in vulgar circles, once again a miscreant, masquerading as “Wascally Wabbit”, submits a lewd entry that caused my Lady Wife to faint upon a chance reading.
    Unless you remove this egregious entry, I and fellow members of the 13th. Lancers Section of the British Legion, including the Padre, will persuade you by my our favourite means.
    Disgusted Col Retd

  6. Can you actually get a Politically Correct?
    Would it offend you Steve if I passed this offer by?

  7. I haven’t seen eyes that bulging since I last looked at a Japanese Koi pond… are you in a partial vacuum? Blood pressure too high? Sheesh, scared the crap out of me and…well….had a little lunch come back up in my mouth to be honest, whenever you did the Marty Feldman impression which was everytime you looked anywhere except for straight ahead.

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