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  1. Thanks for the clarification.

    I notice however that there is no “Nxxx” listed in the Croydon directory, so how reliable can it be?

  2. There is no ‘Nxxx’ in Croydon. That’s probably why.

    I’m having difficulty saying ‘Philnote’ without my intestines making prolonged gurgling sounds. Do you think they’re upset?

  3. Do people in Croydon actually have phones? Do they not think they’ll steal their souls out through their ears or something?

    Next you’ll be telling me the Neanderthals of Essex have discovered fire. And that the torching of recently joy-ridden pimp-my-clios is some kind of sacrifice to the God of the White Diamond.

    The very thing.

  4. Phones? We got loads of them. And trainers.

    Any fire ceremony is normally in praise of Black Diamond, banjo strings.

  5. Croydon?! Haven’t heard of Croydon before. Is that anywhere near Croton-on-Hudson? Or Yonkers? Parsippany, maybe? Or Niskayuna, perhaps? How about Irondequoit?

  6. Neither had I until I mentioned it a few posts ago.

    I believe it’s near Pratt’s Bottom. Just near Shitterton.

    Not far from Cockshoot (not to be confused with Cockermouth), just between Nob End and Sandy Balls.

    Don’t get confused and end up in Lickfold (or, even worse, Lickey End).

  7. Oh, and Happy New Year to all at CARS (and its foaming penumbra).

    Actually, Foaming Penumbra sounds like it should have been in my previous post.

  8. Mah Bruthuh,
    I think those towns you named are actually all in Pennsylvania. For example, you get to Cockshoot right after you go through Intercourse. (Most people tell me it takes just a minute to get there, but for me it can take hours.) Intercouse, as you may have heard, is close to Paradise. And I understand that Blue Ball is not far from Pratt’s Bottom, but to be honest I’ve never wanted to go there.

  9. Apparently the journey time is alcohol-related.

    Or so I’m told.

    I don’t drink, so I rarely go near Pratt’s Bottom anyway.

    Alas, my wife also only drinks rarely . . . so Intercourse is also a somewhat infrequent visitor to our Satnav.

    I was going to do something smutty with Satnav, but, you know, New Year’s Resolutions and all that.

  10. I still haven’t heard of Croydon, and I hope I never do.

    About Pennsylvania: Philadelphia is called the “City of Brotherly Love,” and in my state I think that is illegal. Or at least frowned upon and not talked about.

  11. Mah Bruthuh,
    Despite your resolutions, you realize, of course, that, after all this, no one is ever, ever going to accept an invitation from you, me, or Ace to go visit Pennsylvania — don’t you?

  12. Always thought William Penn was a Protestant not a Catholic.

    Do you think that William Penn had heard of Croydon?

  13. Happy 2009 to the CARS-ites. The CARS-skes. The CARSonators. The CARSters. Making copies…..

  14. Right back at ya, 2000guitars! I like how when Moltz pretends to come out of retirement, all the old timers start commenting like it’s the second coming. It’s almost like the golden days, except for the worldwide financial crisis, and being old and decrepit.

  15. Perhaps Moltz is ‘coming out’ . . . of retirement so he can pop in to Pennsylvania en route to MacWorld (which it clearly is)? Clearly he won’t be seeing *any* of us there, NBEApparently.

    Well, not in the *flesh*.

    Maybe on polaroid later, though.

    Or that interweb thing.

    Depending on how squeezy this credit crunch thingy gets.

    And I’m pretty certain that William Webb had heard of Croydon. Indeed, he probably braved the Atlantic to get away from it.

    Also . . . ‘Pennsylvania’? Was he going for some kind of Vampire vibe?

    Also also…

    Mega-Post . . . Mega-Post . . . Mega-Post…

    Come on, lads: you know you want a reprise. That’s why Moltz has prodded us. He knoweth we art Weak of Will, thereof.

  16. Ace,

    Oh dear. I feel the thrill of getting a CARS mention must have zapped his poor little ticker. Happy New Year indeed.

    Regarding posts, however, I hold fast to the glory of the Mega-Post. Sequels so frequently disappoint.

    Not the Giga-Post, clearly, which was bowel-blendingly chucklesome.

    But, you know, sequels in *general*.

    I never really recovered from Jaws II. Just like Schneider’s reputation.

    And when, we wail, is ‘Hawk the Slayer II: Halls of the Fat Lords’ ever going to see the light of day, hmmm?


    Maybe I should have avoided confusion and just suggested a Tetra-Post?

    Or just skipped on to a more alliterative Peta-Post? Or even Yotta-Post? After all, with all that hard and deeply meaningful work Moltz is clearly getting stuck into (i.e. perfecting his Robbie the Robot stare . . . adding reverb to his ‘Does not compute!’ voice), how often can we rely on him kick-starting things from here on?

  17. You’ve got both of my votes!

    You could appoint me Ravenmaster in return, presuming Croydon has a raven or two.

  18. Pish. I was just about to reply here when I notice that Moltz has been ‘active’ again. Better read what he has to say, I suppose. Some people.

  19. Nxxx, why are you still here? Everyone else has buggered off to the new post.

    Except me, clearly.

    Do you want a lift?

  20. BM,
    Better class of person here and the knowledge that JM wont appear. The last six words before the full stop were typed with crossed fingers.

  21. Что-то футер у вас вправо съехал (в опере при разрешении 1024х768)

  22. Хорошо пишете. Учились где-то или просто с опытом пришло?

  23. Даа… Достаточно спорно, поспорил бы с автором…

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