Although he may have left us years ago for pastures that are turning out to be not so green, Memories…

Rubinstein Devoured By Beavers

Light the corners of my mind
Misty watercolor memories
of the way we were.

Executives React to Apple’s Stock Option Investigation

Scattered pictures of the smiles we left behind
smiles we give to one another
for the way we were.

Rubinstein Farewell Party Planning Already In Trouble

Can it be that it was all so simple then
or has time rewritten every line?

Rubinstein Tired of Renting

If we had the chance to do it all again
tell me would we? Could we?

Everyone Trying TO Cover Up Fact That Rubinstein Is Really Drunk

Memories, may be beautiful and yet
what’s too painful to remember
we simply choose to forget

Tevanian Invests Money Wisely, While Rubinstein Spends It Frivolously

So it’s the laughter we will remember
whenever we remember…

Rubinstein Won’t Get Off Ride Outside Grocery Store

…the way we were.

105 thoughts on “Ruby”

  1. I’m thinking slot machine. The eyes roll and roll and then–nothing! That is, a clump of cherries and a bar of gold. iMoo is rigged against the gamer.

  2. I keep getting “snake eyes.” That can’t be right.

    At least it’s not as painful as it sounds.

  3. The iMoo Eye Roll, is more of a motherly why-did-you-just-do-that kinda of eye roll. She has LOTS of practice on that one.
    It invokes equal amounts of guilt, shame, and embarrassment.

  4. Is it just possible that Moltz waits until he gets a certain number of comments before posting again?

    Probable non starter. Heard he can’t count above hexadecimal.

  5. I think it more probable it’s to do with how much geek virgin blood he’s been able to bathe in to renew his strength.

    That’s probably what he was doing at MacWorld: scouting for victims.

  6. Hey ! At the iMooEyeRoll I had shame-shame-guilt !
    Did I win something ?

    Mr Moltz can count far further than 16, he just has to count on his fingers.

  7. Otherwise, Mr Moltz wants us to ask politely : Pleaaaaaaazzzzzzzze !

  8. I think I shall hereafter refer to the Eye Roll as the “iRoll” Far more attractive.

  9. «Apple’s Software Licensing Department works with developers, users groups, and others to provide assistance in properly licensing Apple technologies and trademarks.»
    That usually means lawyers.
    Evil lawyers.

    Evil blood drinking night-glowing lawyers with yellowish hair.

  10. Well, as I’ve been moving all weekend, I wasn’t able to put this up…
    But, I’d like everyone to wish iMoo a (slightly belated) Happy Birthday!
    She is now [redacted] years old!!!!

  11. Redacted? That is really old.
    Happy Birthday iMoo. I typed that slowly as I realise you can’t read fast at your age.

  12. Is Redacted like Pterodactyl? Cos that seems *pre-tty* old.*

    Happy Birthday anyway. Don’t go turning into coal on us now.

    * Like this lame pun *already*.

  13. iMoo is a “she”? Who knew? We’re finally beginning to make a dent in our equal opportunity mandates.

    Did I say “mandates”? I meant “womandates.”

  14. Ace, you’re not supposed dent ‘woman’ anymore.

    Political correctness gone mad, I know.

    Something to do with burning eunuchs, apparently.

  15. Well, at least I am younger than Huh?. Thank you all for the birthday salutations.

    Bring on the mandates!!!

  16. Now, iMoo… You’re married and have three wonderful moo-lets running around.
    No more mandates for you…

    …and for the record, I’m only five years older than iMoo.

  17. Can we mandate Moltz to post?

    I’m sure the right date could prove most persuasive.

    How about plague-faced low-fidelity specialist Eric Schmidt? Now if only we could be sure that he’d sell-out and turn tricks for cash…

  18. OMG. The spelling should be Stuart.

    Okay, okay, we have troubles spelling Molszed, sorry Motszedl…………………………………………………..

  19. I often have trouble spelling Nxxx, which doesn’t seem like a traditional Welsh name. And Del often spells it Nyxx:does she know something we don’t?

  20. I thought I was Del?

    So apparently I don’t know that and she does.

    That’s just for starters.

  21. Ow, doncha play scottish ’round ‘ere, d’ya ?

    I definitively think Mr Möltez awaits the new MacBook Pro, as he doesn’t want to play Amateur any longer.

    And, er… Happy Birthday, iMoo. How was the Cambrian world like ?

  22. Nxxx, Del already sent Death Robot Ponies for that kind of joke.

  23. Del lent me some roller ponies for the Rochester, Kent, UK Sweeps Festival to perform with the Morris side for which I was playing. Unless she has upgraded the ear lasers, should be all right.

  24. I’d thought they’d have passed an ordinance against roller ponies after the last incident, but if they behave themselves …

  25. Nxxx! Why did you not clippety-cloppety-roll up the hill to Higham to see me?

    You could have had a cuppa and biccies. With doilies and everything.


  26. Er . . . why is there a ‘W’ at the end of my last mail?

    Is it some kind of Sign. Like in that great film. Where the Aliens who dissolve in water invade the Blue Planet. Naked.

    Let’s see:

    Faster than Light technology?

    Cloaking devices?

    Pac-a-mac to prevent inconvenient alien-solution solutions?

    Also, how can they defeat our military might, but not a couple of weedily braced doors?

    Aaaaanyway, I was really just confused by the ‘W’ so I feel this post may have already overstayed its welcome. Rather like Mr M. Knot Shyman.

  27. Thanks for the belated offer BroMu (do I have to add a W behind your name?) but I was supping ale and eating pub grub, so no contest.


  28. Fair enough. Let me know next time and you can have some mini rolls and a Mars.

    Oh yes, with these delights I’ll be spoiling you.


  29. BroMu,
    You’re not trying to groom me are you?
    We blonde, pouting, sixteen year old, curvaceous virgins have been warned about this.

  30. Actually, I too am a blonde, pouting, sixteen year old, with curvaciosity coming out of my perfectly formed arse.

    What a coincidence!

    And I’m pretty sure Ace is too.

    And Steve G.



  31. I’ve heard the term “certifiably insane” and am wondering if you gents have been certified, and where it was done. Is there a fee to pay?

  32. No fee: just a UK passport seems to do it.



    PS: Nxxx, surely the term ‘bugger’ could never have been used less appropriately than in your last post?

  33. Ace,
    If you wish to comment here, you must also post a mystery final ‘W’.

    You should have added a mystery final ‘W’ after the post script.


  34. As a 17 open minded redhead with big breasts and NO THAT’S NOT A BEARD, YOU CAN CHECK ON CHATROULETTE, I -ill certainly not add any — in any of my posts. —hat in the -orld were you thinking of ?

  35. We are sorry, we cannot decrypt your post as it doesn’t have the key letter below.


  36. I can’t believe I juste read that : «Ponies are optional».
    That is just incredible.

    —hat about shiny pants ?

  37. That hairy red-head thinks too fast for her typin’ fingers.

    The certificates are most certainly shiny, Steve.

    As in ‘wipe clean’ shiny.

    Like the pants™


    PS: Apologies, Nxxx


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