EDITORIAL: Well, well, well…

Now that the keynote to end all keynotes is over, let’s review, shall we?

A week ago Wednesday, Apple posted its infamous “Beyond the rumor sites. Way beyond.” challenge. A week ago today, Crazy Apple Rumors Site posted its, uh, infamous-er “Apple to introduce sexbots at MacWorld” response. The deal was, it was up to Apple to go “beyond” announcing sexbots. You know, “beyond” the rumor sites. Like this one. This is a rumors site, in case you hadn’t noticed. Says so right in the title. See? “Crazy Apple Rumors Site.”

Steve Jobs, in his Monday keynote, essentially announced three new products: iPhoto, 14 inch iBooks and the new iMac. And, before we go any further, we should say that those are all very nice products. A good haul for an average MacWorld and, even though we’re all PowerMac users, we can’t stop looking at the new iMacs. Partly because we’re mollified by shiny objects, but also because they’re pretty cool looking.

However, when we took an informal, unscientific poll of the staff at Crazy Apple Rumors Site, the consistent answer we heard was that everyone would really rather have the sexbots. Even the Entity agreed, and we’re pretty sure he’s not “anatomically correct”, if you know what I mean.

So, our feeling is… we won. Apple failed to go beyond this rumor site even a bit, let alone way beyond. I mean, is there anyone out there who would rather have what Steve announced Monday morning than a nice sexbot? If there is, you really don’t understand the whole sexbot concept.

Despite the fact that Apple started this whole thing and despite the fact that we feel we won, we’re not going to make a big deal out of it. We’re willing to take the high road and we don’t plan on bringing it up.

Other than this editorial, of course. But that’s it. Consider the matter dropped. Well, as soon as Chet stops doing that little victory dance.

Knock it off, Chet. No, really, you’re making us all sick.

No, you shut up.

– John Moltz, Editor In Chief