Son of Mega-Post

If you enjoyed the Mega-Post, then you’ll love…


Or, I hope so, because we’re off again next week. Back on Tuesday the 8th.

So, again, please enjoy…




Ask for it by name. Void where prohibited by law. Use only as directed. Consult a physician if swelling occurs. Operators are standing by.



253 thoughts on “Son of Mega-Post”

  1. Please, NO!, Brother Mugga. The stink around here is bad enough as it is.

    No offense Ugluk, but the rain really won’t hurt you and you could use a good washing. Just look at Howard, sure he smells like wet dog, sorry Howard but you do, after getting soaked in the rain, but once he dries doesn’t he smell much nicer.

    Arseplunger of Doom. Mmmm, that one sounds like it’s already on sale somewhere.

  2. So… does anyone know any Japanese pick-up lines?

    It seems that… you know, they could come in handy, particularly during conversations about cup-sizes.

  3. Arseplunger?

    Is that an object, an insult, or a hobby?

    Brother Mugga

    PS: Kiwis still 15 behind in their second innings with 5 down; Mum’s gone to Iceland and got a special 6 for 1 deal; Super-12 Lite All-Blacks nicely cued-up for a World Champion (second team) class spanking?

    Rule Britania (etc. repeat ellipsis).

    PPS: Er . . . NBA, World Series, um . . . Gridiron . . . er . . . um . . . Joe DiMaggio, our nation turns its lonely eyes to you etc. etc.

    There; hands across the Atlantic. Happy now?

    What d’you mean ‘shove it’?


  4. Fuck yeah Sea Captain, that’s talkin’ the international language!

    Boo yah… oopie boopie… *shakes ass* *knocks over monitor*

    Fuck no!

  5. BTW, Brother Mugga, wanna say props on the Simon and Garfunel reference. Here’s to you, Brother Mugga.

  6. England polish off Kiwis

    England 526 & 45-1 beat New Zealand 409 & 161 by nine wickets

    England registered a comfortable Test victory over New Zealand as they chased a target of 45 to win in just eight overs before lunch on the final day.

    Just in case anyone was curious to know the outcome

    ingerland ingerland ingerland ad infinitum

  7. ‘ave it.

    Who cares if Trescothick can move his feet when he creams the required runs with a flat-bat cut to cover.

    Oh yeah, I remember; the Aussie’s will.

    Oh well.

    Here’s hoping the Kiwis don’t return the compliment with interest come the weekend.

    Brother Mugga

    PS: Cheers, David. And – in my capacity as Site Chaplain (self-appointed (in true Napoleonesque manner), as I’m the only one worthy to do so) – can I just remind you that Jesus loves you more than you will know?

    PPS: ingerland ingerland ingerland ad intinitum (+1)

  8. Gosh look at all the (thighratchet?) fun I’ve missed.

    No, no, I should have said: “Scrotumclamp.”


    I don’t have to ****ing impress you.

  9. How about ‘ballclamp’?

    Or ‘nutclamp’?

    I mean as a word, not as an offer.

    Brother Mugga

  10. Hey, it’s Tuesday!!! What gives? Where’s my new CARS??

    hmmm? Well it’s Tuesday where _I_ am, so neuh.

  11. Nipplepolisher of Doom.

    Hey, where’s the CARS crew. Weren’t they supposed to be back at their desks today with bright shiny faces, and tails wagging?

    If they’re so hung over that they’re missing another day of work, I think we need to dock their pay. That’s $5 from everyone and 3 biscuits from Howard.

    If we let them get away with this unpunished, they’ll think they can take off whenever they want.

    No sir, not here. The Entity runs a tight ship. No slacking of around the office, no personal phone calls on company time amd bring your own darn sodas.

  12. Listen, Huck, I believe I’ve told you something similar in, ahem, the other post formerly known as the post formerly known as the post formerly (whack!)…

    …oh, thank you! I was stuck there for a minute.

    OK, as I was saying, Huck, there’s no call for language in these posts like that.

    For example, you used two asterisks! What are you thinking? I mean, that implies some kind of, I dunno’, kinship with Cai, and I think that’s REALLY pushin’ it.

    I mean, Cai’s postings are waaaaay over the top.

    Anyway, just a warning. Keep it down in here. We can’t have superfluous punctuation running amuck.

  13. First Post!

    Of today!

    You know, er . . . ignoring the late night ones.


    Jeez, this is getting lame.

    What we need to jazz things up is a few more asterisks, surely?

    And a lower standard of grammar and punctuation (I’ve done my bit with a few missed/stray apostrophe’s, but it’s still not enough; its’ never enough….)

    Brother Mugga

  14. Holy cow. Tuesday AM and still the CARS staff is out.

    My guess is that they are all taking the week off in memory of Ronald Reagan, who, as we know, is revered, near and dear to their hearts.

    …well, The Entity’s, anyway, who apparently made out very well during the Reagan years.

    And definitely not Moltz’s heart, because he’s a flaming liberal.

    No, I mean, he’s really flaming! Look! Fire! SOMEONE GET A FIRE EXTINGUISHER!


    Now, Moltz, you know Apple didn’t really intend for you to keep your PowerBook on your lap while working on that project. You really should be more careful. Or wear heavier pants–something with some leather or fiberglass in it, anyway, would probably prevent combustion.

    Or get an old 3400c. They wouldn’t set your lap on fire… no, wait, those had flame problems, too, didn’t they? Or was there another model with flaming power adapters or batteries, like the PBG3’s…?!

    Hmmm. I see a trend.


    John, you look more like Ugluk now without your facial hair. Ugluk’s eyebrows are better defined than yours… which appear to be nonexistant.

    (Don’t worry, John–that hair will grow back, and you will look good… OK… no, well, like you used to, anyway, again.)

  15. WTF? Was that supposed to be a flip-book animation sneeze? If it was, it didn’t work. This isn’t even a flip-book, it’s a comment page. I don’t understand. Why would anyone post so many times in a row?

    I think I’m going to have to walk into the woods and ponder this one. I’ll be able to chop trees, build a house, get a garden going. I’ll go there to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life. I’ll see if I can learn what it has to teach, and not, when I come to die, discover that I had not lived. And then I will understand — I will KNOW why people post so many times on the CARS comments page.

    Also, I don’t think many people will want to post now. You got the end of the comments page all dirty and slimy with mucus crap. You should cover your mouth when you sneeze. It’s only polite.

  16. Right on b-man, way to end this crazy string of comments!

    Er damn, I screwed it up again, didn’t I?

    And I can’t click cancel and just let these letters I typed up go to waste, my parents taught me better than that.

    Well at least I can leave you with some scrotum vice-grips of DOOM!

  17. Why don’t we just bring the number of comments to 250 and leave it at that? That way, we can say we did something with this stupid sonuvamegapost.

  18. I’ll take that 250th post.

    But… uh… what do I DO with it? It’s not good for much, is it?

    Still, maybe I can sell it on eBay! They’ll buy anything there!

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