04 Aug 04Administrative Item

We’ve been getting a lot of comment spam, so I had to ban many IP addresses. If I accidentally banned you and you are not a spammer, please let me know in comments.

– Masako

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  1. Thomas says:

    Now that Masako has taken away the Spam (TM), can you pass me some chipped beef on toast and some brussels sprouts. I’ve got to get my nurition from somewhere.

    Oh, I guess there is always Cheeze Whiz, nuts, and pickle relish in the MegaPost.

    Umm, on further consideration, I think I will have some chipped beef on toast.

  2. olgluk says:

    Let’s talk Microsoft’s acquisition of Bungie !

  3. apple says:

    this site is plain shit.

  4. Garnack says:

    Wait a minute. Has anyone else notice the coincidence that when Steve Jobs has to take a month off for recuperation, John is gone for a month to “move”? Hmm. Makes one wonder. Steve is going to the doctor and being diagnosed with cancer and John has to take some oddly timed and unexpected time off over the last 3 months.Remeber the Cinco De Mayo absense? And as soon as John (Steve?) is gone Masako who loves Steve (John?) starts posting. Where does the CARS crew get their so accurate and timely rumors. Maybe they have “inside” information as to what’s happening at Apple. MAybe CARS is just a sounding board for Steve’s (John’s) ideas before he goes to the board with them?

    I’ll let you all think about that for a little bit.

  5. bear says:

    Don’t forget the Clausen’s Pickle Relish with that Spam!!!!!!

  6. MacStansbury says:

    wait, I’m confused now Garnak, which one is Steve and which one is John?

  7. UhhhDude says:

    I’ll have some coffee to go with my green eggs and spam. Masako, may I borrow one of your cups?

  8. Garnack says:

    That’s just it. There the SAME guy! Steve’s been secretly running CARS so he can run Apple R&D ideas past the public without making open announcements. Now this bout with cancer has made it difficult to maintain the ruse. I wonder if the rest of the CARS staff knows or if Steve has been fooling them too. Sitting there joking with Masako about her feelings for Steve when it’s him all along. And if The Entity didn’t know, boy is he going to be pissed.

  9. Del says:

    I have heard that Steve is well skilled in the l33t ninja art of deception. It is he who personally trains the ninja sexbots in this skill. It makes sense that he would use it to infiltrate this site. Maybe he infiltrates other rumor sites the same way.

    Anyone notice a pattern with AtAT and Macosrumors being noticeably spotty lately? Sure DNS errors and “work” is interfering in their schedule. Anyone else notice that Anya and the Entity showed up on the scene at approximately the same time. AtAT and CARS are run by Jack and John. Both 4 letter names starting with a J. Both have female counterparts (Masako and Katie) who we rarely hear from but are often mentioned. Coincidence, I think Not. I believe we are on to something.

    This knowledge could be dangerous. Ok, if you soaked it in water and put it in the freezer and then threw it at someone it might hurt a little bit.

  10. Anonymous says:

    John Moltz is dead, long live John Moltz.

  11. mr. conspiracy says:

    I KNEW IT! AND YOU ALL CALLED ME CRAZY! (what? you didn’t? you just ignored me?) IT WASN’T ALL IN MY HEAD! JACK=JOHN=STEVE! (it IS in my head? oh…well then…) I HAVE BEEN VINDICATED AND YOU WILL ALL BE CLAMORING AND BEGGING ME FOR MY TINFOIL HAT! (shhhh….don’t tell them about the underwear….don’t tell them about the underwear…)

  12. Joscelin says:

    His name was Robert Paulson. His name was Robert Paulson. His name was Robert Paulson…

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