Use of iBook in PC Software Ad Proves Macs Are Superior.

A grateful Macintosh community breathed a sigh of relief today as an ad for a PC-only application ironically featured smiling users huddling around what is clearly an Apple iBook. Experts agree that this incontrovertible evidence clearly proves that Macs are superior to PCs.

The ad, which appears in the December issue of a prominent PC magazine, was quickly hailed by Apple watchers as the final word in the PC/Mac wars.

Ars Technica’s John Siracusa said “You can look at usability, you can look at performance, you can look at price, but a picture of a Microsoft Visio screen superimposed on an iBook… you just can’t argue with that.”

According to Siracusa, if PCs were superior to Macs, they would appear consistently behind screens showing Windows-only software.

“The fact that an iBook appears in this stock photo that was used for an ad for Visio proves that Macs are the bestest platform ever,” Siracusa concluded.

“Um… did I say ‘bestest’? I meant ‘best’.”

For InfoWorld’s Tom Yager, it was the smiling guy standing and pointing at the iBook that cemented the Mac’s superiority.

“Check out this dude,” Yager said, pointing at the man pointing at the iBook. “See, the ad tries to imply that he’s having such a great time using Visio. But, see, he’s really having a good time using the iBook! Get it? Huh? Huh? Get it?

“Oh, man, that is such a face on Microsoft!” Yager said, laughing and pointing the fingers of his right hand at his face and wiggling them.

Meanwhile, a chastened John Dvorak dished himself an ample serving of humble pie.

“For years I’ve nay-sayed the Macintosh,” Dvorak wrote. “Even going so far as to ask if the original iBook was designed by a thirteen-year-old girl. But clearly this amusingly ironic insertion of a Mac into an ad for a PC-only application has given Mac users the last laugh.

“Kudos to you, Apple!” Dvorak said, tilting his head back and laughing heartily at his own expense.

With this issue finally put to rest, message boards across the world were suddenly struck with a massive drop-off in traffic as posters no longer felt compelled to discuss the PC vs. Mac controversy.

25 thoughts on “Use of iBook in PC Software Ad Proves Macs Are Superior.”

  1. What is even more strange is when you see PC’s running mac versions of software! That really takes the cake!

  2. I wasn’t aware that there was another computer other than the Mac. Is there really?

    Please help me understand….

  3. So now what are we supposed to argue about? Huh? The end is near! The internet will die! run!!!!

  4. Gunkulator. All I can say is the Timex Sinclair 1000. Weight 12 onces. Zilog z80a 3.25 mhz CPU. Maxed out ram at 64k with the optional tape recorder to save all those totaly wicked cool programs you just typed in from the paper copy of code you just borrowed from the guy at the Radioshack.

  5. WaitÂ…what if the computer in the ad is actually of the Windows (sp) persuasion, but the art director air brushed it over to make it appear as an ibook?

  6. Yes, it is my beloved 11th Post. Mine. I started it, I grew it, I brought it to where it is today. But it doesn’t matter, because everybody thinks it was Huck. It wasn’t.

    But whatever. I’ll make something else that’s hip, now, with it, and never get the credit. Badgers? That was me. Muffins? Me. Daler Mehndi? Me. All Your Base? Me.

    Credit I received? Zilch. Not that I really care, I’d rather be a prophet than an advisor. But CARS 11th Post…ah…what the Heck…

    Yea, it’s all Huck.

  7. Um, It was Sadaam Hussein who put that iBook in that Visio ad. My pardner Billy Gates was crying on my shoulder about it. I mean, the humiliation!

    I’ve ordered a special forces strike on that ad agency.

    Alert Level to red, until Mission accomplished!

  8. DELL once used stock photos of a kid enjoying his Powerbook, on their online store’s laptop page…

    (also, George Bush uses an iBook, I think his head would explode if he had to use anything less easy to use)

  9. If you ever get to see the Intel Centrino Comercial they use a Mac screen with the Apple Logo blocked out

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