01 Apr 05Announcing Schillerworld Magazine!

Crazy Apple Rumors Site parent company Giant Squid Productions is proud to announce Schillerworld Magazine, a print publication devoted entirely to Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller.

Inside Schillerworld, you’ll find out what Phil’s really like from those who know him. You’ll get exclusive interviews with Phil, reviews of Phil Schiller accessories, and Phil’s tips on marketing, hockey and how to make it with beautiful babes as well as the inside scoop on what really goes on during those iChat demos at Macworld.

Here’s a sneak peek at the cover of this month’s issue!

Available on newsstands this month. Subscriptions available at reasonable rates.

Don’t miss out! Order yours today!

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  1. Streetrabbit says:

    Some might say the following information is totally unrelated to SchillerWorld, some might say it is related in a way that can only be fully understood when viewed from a standpoint of madness or from a little platform high in the Andes. Some might say…

    OK – Confections/Caffeinated beverages available in Australia;

    Jolt Cola – Available but not widely utilisied

    V – The preferred caffeinated guarana drink. Originates in NZ so it’s claimable as an Australian product by precedents set in the case of Russell Crowe.

    Pixi Sticks – As described, I have seen such a product, but they’re not accepted enough to be given an iconic name.

    Psyko I’ll put a MARK here for you so you don’t have to read the above. If anyone else has a marker, let me know what it is and I’ll append it to all future posts.


  2. I have a purple marker here, for your convenience.

    I once saw it eat my penguins. I’ve never seen it mark anything. Be careful.

  3. soosy says:

    Schiller is awesome.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ha! The mailing label has a bogus address. I know because I live across the street.

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