31 May 05CARS Deposition Enters 2nd Glorious Week!

We, apparently, have a lot to say about lesbianism.

Also, the transcriptionist is a straight dude and he’s been slightly distracted by our testimony. Constantly stopping us and asking for clarification…

“Now, when Gloria came back in, was Clarice still there or was it just Annabeth and Heather?” and “Wait, is Hermione the Asian with the tatoo or is that Maya?” That kind of thing.

And the lawyers are all like “DUDE! Just type it up!” You know?

Anyway, we’ll do our best to wrap it up by the end of the week and be back on Monday.

So, please use the following discussion topic in the comments:

Star Wars. Wasn’t it supposed to be nine movies? What’s all this lazy-assed crap spewing out of George Lucas’ pie hole about this being the last movie? You owe me three more movies, bitch.

OK, well, that just happens to be my view. Yours may differ.

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  1. Winston Smith says:

    Post 101.

    No, not the sexbots!! Please Moltz, no!!

    Hold on – i thought post 101 was supposed to be the post of your worst nightmares, not your best dreams?

  2. O'Brien says:

    Yes, you’ll have to fix that Moltz. It’s most unsatisfactory for a thoughtcrime to be “punished” by gratuitous sexual favour.

  3. Del says:


    If you are going to make a light saber do it right like these people. I mean other than the explosions and the fire and the excruciating stupidity.

  4. Streetrabbit says:

    Ahh! the Sydney Morning Herald.

    …and if you don’t mind hanging onto Russell for a little while longer, that would be lovely.


  5. Ace Reporter says:

    Intel just bought Apple and the the rights to the final three Star Wars Movies. (Lucas retained the rights to the ewoks though).

    It’s quiet out there in Rumorville, ….. too quiet!!

  6. Zorak says:

    Latest rumor: Apple is going to take Michael Dell’s advice; liquidate, and return the money to the shareholders. “Ok, we’re finally tapped out of ideas. Let’s sell off the hardware to Intel and the software to Microsoft and close up shop”, said Avie. “That’s a wrap, people. Good work. Your checks will be in the mail,” said Jobs. Clarus declined to comment, saying only “Moof.”

  7. Hollywoodies says:

    Finally, we will have industry standard DRM on Macintosh, and by extension iPods. Now the world will tremble at our Dolby 5:1 Surround Sound. Giant lesbian ninjas will fail to copy themselves and people will FINALLY be forced to buy porn instead of just renting it and taking the sticky tapes back, making all the video rental people grossed out by the fact they rented it mere minutes ago.

    We will rule the world!!!!!!!!

  8. Abe Lincolnlogski says:

    Why will anyone buy a G5 in the next two years, if the software of the next 5 years will be geared to Intel based machines ?????

    Will Code written for Wintel machines run on Tiger or Lepeord right out of the box, won’t it still have to be a Mac version ? But will it port easier??

  9. scared monster says:

    I can’t wait having my iBook with the ‘Intel inside’ sticker on it, nearby the mousepad, and NOT REMOVING IT!!! I waited so long!! Now people will look at me like someone normal…I mean, less awkwardly…Imean…oh, buzz off!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Rob Enderle finally got something right, eh?

  11. Bellidancer says:

    I am just sick…. After years of demonizing Intel, I can’t just do a 180… Sure, I hated what Motorola did to Apple… And IBM has been long on promise and short on delivery… But Intel….

    sigh… i have been putting out “we need a new Mac” vibrations around the house. I wanted to replace my old G4 with a brand spanking new – super duper – G5 monster computer. Now? I don’t know… i just don’t know….

  12. Del says:

    Why Intel WHY WHY WHY. They can’t even get their own 64 bit systems. I could at least stomach AMD. Their new dual core processors are impressive and their 64 bit systems rock.

    There will be plenty of booze flowing in the Mega-Post for those who wish to drown their sorrows.


  13. Gary says:

    John where are you when we need you?

    I have questions and you are the man with the answers.

    What about Altivec?

    What about 64 bit?

    How long will Apple support legacy PowerPC hardware?

    Will Windows run on a Apple/Intel box?

    Will Mac OSX for Intel run on a generic Wintel Box?

    Is this a sign?

  14. REM says:

    The End of the world as we know it.

    Apple on Intel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MicroSoft xBox on IBM PowerPC !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cat’s and Dogs sleeping together!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mass Hysteria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. CARS sucks says:

    Where is CARS? It is the WWDC! Why aren’t they posting? WTF??

    Are they going down? Is it the RIAA or terrorists?

    Come on!

  16. Answers says:

    What about Altivec?

    MMX2 isn’t as good, but no slouch.

    What about 64 bit?


    How long will Apple support legacy PowerPC hardware?

    The hardware transition won’t be finished for 2 years, and if history is any judge, software will still support it for many years after that.

    Will Windows run on a Apple/Intel box?

    According to Apple, no reason why not, but they don’t support it.

    Will Mac OSX for Intel run on a generic Wintel Box?


    Is this a sign?

    Yes, a sign of increased market share for Apple.

  17. Ace Deuce says:

    Could someone refresh my memory regarding the signs of the advent of the Cyberapocalypse?

    Was it Intel or locusts? Is it time we pack our bags for the great voyage into the nether ether?

  18. The last one to switch off the light says:

    Wasn’t the promise of just making one of twelve something GL should’ve kept? Should’ve been better.

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