CARS Deposition Enters 2nd Glorious Week!

We, apparently, have a lot to say about lesbianism.

Also, the transcriptionist is a straight dude and he’s been slightly distracted by our testimony. Constantly stopping us and asking for clarification…

“Now, when Gloria came back in, was Clarice still there or was it just Annabeth and Heather?” and “Wait, is Hermione the Asian with the tatoo or is that Maya?” That kind of thing.

And the lawyers are all like “DUDE! Just type it up!” You know?

Anyway, we’ll do our best to wrap it up by the end of the week and be back on Monday.

So, please use the following discussion topic in the comments:

Star Wars. Wasn’t it supposed to be nine movies? What’s all this lazy-assed crap spewing out of George Lucas’ pie hole about this being the last movie? You owe me three more movies, bitch.

OK, well, that just happens to be my view. Yours may differ.