06 Jul 05Shawn King Too Lazy To Podcast.

Podcasting is the hottest thing in the Mac world these days, but one noted Mac raconteur does not intend to hop on the bandwagon.

Shawn King, host of the Internet radio show Your Mac Life, already does short podcasts on a limited and irregular basis. But King ironically dedicated a recent podcast to giving a slew of reasons why he would not provide podcasts of his weekly program.

According to King, podcasts of the show delivered for free would apparently interfere with his current model of “making money” by charging Mac lovers $3.95 from Audible.com and $5.95 from the iTunes Music Store for standard versions of his show, or $100 on the street for raw, uncut versions. Then, in a brazen show of avarice, King went on to say he “likes money.”

Numerous listeners of Your Mac Life expressed disappointment.

“I thought it was all about the love of the Mac world,” said Joe Dotson of Detroit. “And now to find out it’s about money? Well, I’m just going to listen to one of the many non-profit, non-commercial Mac Internet radio shows provided for download for free instead.”

King further speculated that any potential regular podcast would have to be in a different format than his weekly show which would likely be inferior than the format he’s currently as comfortable with as an old, well-worn pair of boxer shorts. Which, incidentally, was all that King was reportedly wearing when the podcast was recorded.

After several minutes of deriding the quality of other Mac-related podcasts, King concluded by noting that he “didn’t care” what listeners wanted.

Donald Pitts, professor of economics at Northwestern University said King may want to bush up with the laws of supply and demand.

“Clearly Mr. King has the supply-side worked out,” Pitts said. “He is familiar with setting a price for his service and then providing that service. Demand, however? Not so much.”

But those close to King indicate that far from reasons of economics, the real reason he will not offer podcasts is sheer laziness.

“Shawn King is the Mac equivalent of a classic British fop,” confided Sly Marton, the IRC moderator for the show. “He’s not concerned about what the listeners want. He’s concerned about what Shawn wants. He’s nothing but a lazy Canadian dandy!”

Pausing to take a deep breath, Marton said “Wow. I can’t believe I finally said that. It feels good. Liberating. I feel so much lighter… freer… like a great weight has been lifted off of me!”

A weight that was immediately reapplied when Marton realized she had to get ready for tonight’s broadcast.

King did not respond to multiple requests for a response to these charges, unless idly scratching himself can be considered a reply.

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  1. Abe Lincolnlogski says:


  2. Abe Lincolnlogski says:

    I Can die happy now, except this pretty much guarantees that I’ll never win the lottery. Well this is much better. Wait a minute, is this some sort of a trick, are there cameras on me.

    I’m going to Disney World !!!!!!!!

  3. Bellidancer says:

    This is not possible. Third at 9:25. No way!

  4. Ace Deuce says:


  5. Bellidancer says:

    I feel so disconnected from this whole podcasting phenom. I don’t have an iPod. Everytime I have a spare $300, I blow it on a hard drive. Frankly, I don’t often have a $300 to spend.

  6. Gom says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    six sixty six

  8. dawdler says:

    seven, wearing Larry King suspenders

  9. Chris E Boy says:

    “Numerous listener of Your Mac Life expressed disappointment.”

    Numerous Listener? Numerous Listener?

    Are you trying to say there is only one listener? Or numerous single listeners?

  10. TAMman says:


  11. hondophred says:

    we all live in a capital I! No wait, capital XI

  12. Red Lantern, Dead Battery says:


    Scallions. Green Onions. Bah!

  13. Del says:

    But Bellidancer the iPod is a hard drive. At least that is one of the rationalizations I used to buy one. It actually came in quite handy to load 10.4 on machines without DVD drives at work.

    So that makes it tax deductible and everything!

  14. Ace Deuce says:

    “bush up”

    Is that some kind of twisted misogynistic surfer shout?

  15. Nxxx says:

    Pod-casting is NOT new. During WW2 we used to sit around between bombs, shelling peas, and then cast the pods onto the compost heap.

    Macs weren’t even a twinkle in Steve’s eye back then. Oh and two hundred and seventy third.

  16. ficko says:

    For information only.

    As a true-born Brit, ‘a classic British fop” should be pronounced with a stiff upper lip and a pronounced lisp, pronounced ‘lisp’. This equates to something like “Errrkwassoorlwhisp”.

  17. Shawn King says:

    “During WW2 we used to sit around between bombs, shelling peas, and then cast the pods onto the compost heap.”

    A compost heap?


    We used to dream of having a compost heap to sleep under to keep us warm during the war….we had to use the entrails of our comrades….

  18. me says:


    that’s very high for me.

  19. Bellidancer says:

    I love to hear the old timers sit and reminisce about the “old days”. Hey Nxxx, tell the one about how it took a week to download an image, and the image was a twenty by one hundred grid in ASCII. And Shawn, we want to hear you one up every story Nxxx tells!

    Del, you’re absolutely right!!! I have been too limited in my thinking! Apple Store, Here I Come!…. oh wait… i’m broke right now. 🙁

  20. Shawn King says:

    “And Shawn, we want to hear you one up every story Nxxx tells!”

    LOL I was actually paraphrasing an old Monty Python routine – “The Four Yorkshiremen”.

  21. francsapa says:

    hey! can i hear podcasts in my performa? she’s lazy too, you know…

  22. I have nothing to report at this time.

  23. Oh, wait I thought of something. What’s the difference between a fop, a dandy and a fancylad? I’m all confused and such.

  24. ficko says:

    For information only:

    The Python “Four Yorlshiremen” sketch was like most comedy, a steal from an American source according to ‘The Oxford Book of Humorous Prose’ Can’t think of anything funny or apt to write except mmmm…..zzz….errr Allison, Danica ohhhhh Linda…….

    Why do I keep suffering heart attacks?