10 Aug 05Last Chance At Free Stuff!

You’ve got just over three hours to enter the first ever CARS contest!

A couple of addendums to the deal:

While an individual may submit more than one entry, he or she can only win one prize. Need to spread the love.

That’s just the way we roll, baby. You know that.

In order to accommodate our judges (um… one of which is the editor), winners will be announced on Monday, August 15th, instead of Friday. That way you’ll get the Help Desk and all you’ll miss is the story we were going to run on hot lesbian action at Apple.

So what are you waiting for?! Fire up that image editor!

19 Responses to “Last Chance At Free Stuff!”

  1. 2ubesock Shakur says:


  2. UhhhDude says:

    Third! And pimpin’!

  3. jimminy C. says:

    Fourth and my dog just crapped on the floor. gotta go.

  4. Streetrabbit says:

    If an individual were to submit the same entry multiple times, would the judges eventually be convinced they had seen the Mona Lisa of photoshoping and award first prize or award first prize to prevent the individual from continuing to send the entry even after the competition had closed?

  5. nxxx says:

    Moltz, all this power has corrupted you.

    I don’t give a crap about who won the contest, because if you know what’s good for you, I already have.

    What is of pressing import is lesbian activity at Apple, in fact I am introducing a motion regarding this activity at the UN.

  6. iMacAddict says:

    7th!!!! wooo hoooooo!

  7. Del the Pirate says:

    In case ye scurvy dogs (sorry Howard not you) missed my earlier post about where I loot and pillage. I’ll put it here.

    Arrrrh me matey’s I be terrorizing the Great Lakes so bad that now they are only O.K. Lakes. Arrrrgggghhh

    Where’s me grog.

    *Takes a swig of grog*

    I’ll tell ye how the Ella Fitzgerald really went down me boys.

  8. iBode says:

    Are you sure you’re not terrorizing the kiddies, Del?

  9. Del the Pirate says:

    Avast ye festering Bilge Rat, I be terrorizin Them too! On All Hallows Eve the wee lads have the best loot!

  10. Del says:

    *Public Service announcement*

    International Talk Like A Pirate Day is September 19th

    *end announcement*

  11. iBode says:

    Dang, why so far away? I can’t wait to get me Scuurrrvy on.

  12. iBode says:

    BTW, it’s Woz’s Birthday!

    Happy Birthday Woz!

    CARS should do in article in his honor.

  13. Long John Titanium says:

    OK, Pirates on the the great lakes is like having “Vikings of the Caribbean”

  14. Ace Deuce says:

    Okay, I think I could lampoon an Apple exec with Photoshop in three hours. That’s doable.

    When does the three hours start?

    P.S: Arrr matey!

  15. Neilsen 'Blood on the axe' Marley or Bob for long. says:

    “By Thor, ye shall walk the plank Titanium, and as titanium is a light metal, you’ll probably float”


    “The Caribbean is a warm sea, so you’ll probably survive”


    “Men, this is not working out, it would be better if we had Johnny Depp with us, but no. Start rowing for Scandinavia”


    ‘Now altogether, Rape the men and pillage the women”

    “Sod it, I give up”

  16. Chandler says:

    (Hope I won’t get ridiculed for posting a genuine post here!-on second thoughts, what the hell!) I hope this isn’t the last competition for a long time!! Keep these competitions coming thick and fast guys! All good stuff!!

  17. Psyko says:

    X on the PCs. Icky-poo.


  18. jinzo012 says:

    Lesbian United Nations Attendees. I Love It!