The Mega-Post is Dead


You should be able to view it again, but Masako had to shut off the comments at…


She had to delete one spam comment to get it viewable again (link).

Please, let’s hear a big round of applause for all of you who posted in the Mega-Post and kept it alive for a year and four months. Please use this comment thread to post your fondest memories of the post with the most…

the Mega-Post.

8,548 thoughts on “The Mega-Post is Dead”

  1. Larry the Lamb was vicious, his Baa would deafen you for a week and his wool was rough.

    A logitech wireless device. Discovered that is a lie, when you look inside, there are wires.

  2. The dirty splitters, Nxxx. It’s a conspiracy, I tell you.

    I discovered similar deception when checking that a local do-gooder had ‘the heart of an angel’.

    It was just the same as all the others’. (Including that granny, who was supposed to have ‘the heart of a lion’!)

    I’ve taken a photograph and emailed the Advertising Standards Authority, I can tell you.

  3. On the other hand, I have noticed that the wireless pudding really is wireless.

    Too bad the reception is so poor. When I sent an email complaint to Mr. Jobs last year, he replied “Don’t hold it that way!”

  4. I’ve gone spelunking a number of times. Once was in the lava tube known as The Ape Cave, near Mount Saint Helens a few years before it blew its top. My favorite spelunking experience was in an agglomeration of huge moss-covered boulders that had collected over the millennia at the base of a cliff. I wasn’t sure I was ever going to get out of there, but apparently I did.

  5. Gee, I haven’t seen Del since the middle of February, and there haven’t been any reports of attacks by hybrid critters lately, either. I hope nothing has happened to her.

    Likewise, I hope nothing will happen to us as a result of whatever big project she has been working on…

  6. Are you impugning my character? Now I’ve got to track down my character again and take it to the vet. This is getting tedious.

  7. Does this impugning, of which you write, entail crossing a breed of dog with another life form?

  8. I notice that they clump together around old, inactive posts, like vultures around carrion. Our best bet is to keep looking lively.

  9. My doctor asked “Does it burn when you pass water?” The only reply was, “I don’t know, I’ve never urinated on the fire.”

  10. I hesitated to join the comment stream again because I can’t handle the pun-ishment. But here I am anyway.

  11. That’s ‘cos you got ‘nowhere else to go’, Ace.

    How heavy d’you think Debra Winger is now?

  12. Grues are afraid of my tiki torch. That’s why I always carry it, except when I’m carrying my Olympic torch for those special occasions.

  13. If an Olympic torch works, I’ll have to find the weakest night carrier.

    Just a thought, will it work on Euro 230 volt systems?

  14. These Olympic Torches are being sold for gazillions.

    Do they work against all of Del’s menagerie?

  15. They are probably not effective against the aquatic critters like the bear-acuda. The Olympic torches fizzle quickly under water, or so I’m told. I’m afraid to risk my torch going out because the Olympic Committee might send their goons after me.

  16. Not sure you have to worry about the Olympic torch business, a modern invention like wearing clothes, although the thought of nude female shot putters is more frightening than bear-acudas.

  17. My sister’s on the Olympic Committee, Ace . . . and believe me, those goons couldn’t punch their way past a Frenchman.

  18. Really BroMu, with the new president named after a sauce, how can you repeat such anti-frog feelings?

  19. You mean just like half the World?

    Problem is it could have been Sterling not Euros in trouble. That means you could not go to the theatre, eat in a four star Michelin restaurant, have a good drink, take a taxi home and still have change out of half a crown for you and your partner.

  20. The fluctuating currencies have got me confused once again. Canadian vs. US dollars is hard enough for me to keep on top of, but the dollars to doughnuts exchange rate isn’t listed in my iPhone app, so I never know how much I will be paying.

  21. Doesn’t have the dollars to doughnuts rate? Or is it donuts?

    How about a bagel to dollar exchange rate? Didn’t we have something here about bagels?

  22. I just want to know that the ‘pounds spent’ to ‘pounds gained’ exchange, ‘cos I’m sure weighted against me at the moment. I mean, how many calories can 30 snack size Mars bars have, for god’s sake?

  23. Is this a trap to make Nxxx trigger the leap?

    No. None of these nice persons would do that to me.

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