The Mega-Post is Dead


You should be able to view it again, but Masako had to shut off the comments at…


She had to delete one spam comment to get it viewable again (link).

Please, let’s hear a big round of applause for all of you who posted in the Mega-Post and kept it alive for a year and four months. Please use this comment thread to post your fondest memories of the post with the most…

the Mega-Post.

7,991 thoughts on “The Mega-Post is Dead”

  1. Is it the sound of Macolytes mumbling on about the Infinite Donut being ‘holistic’ and ‘centred’? Because I’m pretty certain I can hear that from Blighty.

  2. You’d think that after all the years at Infinite Loop, they could have given the ring at Apple Park a twist so it would be a Moebius strip. Imagine having to walk twice around just to get back to your desk. With treks like that, they could have eliminated the fitness center.

  3. Is it wrong that I get a tad ‘overheated’ at the word ‘Moebius’?

    Also . . . why was I anonymised in the previous, previous post.

    How rude.

  4. Something in this eighty year old brain, tells me to wish our cousins a happy wotsit.

    Note:- Cousins are referred to in the Shakespearian sense of being Royal.

  5. Given the current state of affairs (both governmental and non) on this side of the pond, would our Cousins consider taking us back for a few years?

  6. I am currently accepting invitations for dual citizenship from countries that have some kind of functional government, preferably a form of democracy. The country must have access to garlic bread and electricity. Candidate countries also must have a preponderance of land more than 150 feet above the present sea level, so certain archipelagos in the Indian Ocean just won’t work for me.

  7. BroMu, I remember that Nxxx was sometimes anonymised in the past, but seems to have recovered nicely. The problem might be your immune system.

  8. ‘Tis true I have been feeling a bit lurgied of late, Ace. I can help you with the bread and spark, but not the elevation, alas (lots of lowland marshes around here).

    But happy getting-rid-of-us-by-sort-of-winning-the-second-English-Civil-War day anyway. I trust you won’t be reading this for some time, however, as you’ll all be out cruising the boulevards in a drop-top chevy while rocking-out to The Boss (which is how we presume you all live pretty much all the time anyway . . . please don’t disillusion us . . . it rains a lot here).

  9. BroMu,
    The only difference is that we cruise around in Rolls Royces or Caterhams, drinking English Champagne (Well we are leaving the EU), smoking local grown skunk, except for teachers who are all billionaires and are compulsory excessive.

  10. That billionaire teacher gig sounds like just the thing for me. Do I need some kind certificate or accreditation to do that, or will a reference letter from a former student be sufficient?

  11. You just need strong arms to carry the huge pile of C£SH! . . . sorry, C$SH! back to your house. That’s right, a huge pile of C$SH can be yours if you just subject the very marrow of your soul to six hours a day of powerless erosion at the hands of Twitter-savvy teens. Did I mention the huge pile of C$$$$$$$$$$SH!???!!!!???*

    * Disclaimer: access to actual huge piles of cash may not feature in this offer.

  12. I have a little admiration for those souls who have piles of cash to carry. The most remarkable are those who have found easy ways to accumulate large sums with almost no effort, yet out of the goodness of their hearts go on the road with a grueling series of seminars to share (for a small fee) the methods of their easy wealth, rather than stay home and enjoy the sound of raining money.

  13. I could not agree more, Ace. What is more remarkable is how, despite having divulged to us the Ultimate and Complete Secrets of Success, they keep burrowing away and somehow find even *more* Really Ultimate and Complete Secrets of Success. Before proceeding to the Really Ultimate Honest and Complete Secrets of Success just a few years after that. And the more secrets they find, the more successful they are. So it really must all work.

  14. That’s enough criticism but please help me with a future problem.

    Being incredibly rich, I have taken to using ten-pound notes as toilet tissue, well they are brown. Soon they intend to issue plastic notes with Jane Austen highlighted on them. How can a gentleman complete his toilet with plastic notes with a lady illustrated on them? Demnit sirrah, there are limits.

  15. I too am incredibly rich, Nxxx, as we all are in Gravesend, of course. Can I therefore suggest you simply upgrade to a higher denomination, some of which are not only free of laydeeees but also of a more forgiving material. Moreover, with every flush you’ll be reminding the proles down the sewage-chain of their relative poverty.

  16. If someone doesn’t stop him, the current acting (pretending?) president of the US, who also claims to be incredibly rich, will likely soon have currency issued with his likeness on it. Problem solved, Jane Austen saved (contrary to the will of Mark Twain, who was not a fan).

  17. Ace,
    Try Austerity.
    The Chancellor of the Exchequer who introduced Austerity, the family owns the most expensive wall paper manufacturers in the UK and is extremely rich and the present posy occupier, nicely set up for the firing squad, is a multi Sterling pound millionaire. That equates to around forty-three dollars in your currency.

  18. Maybe she could grab fruit from one of the trees around Apple Park. At present, she would only need to scale a short-ish construction fence.

  19. It’s now easier: most of the construction fencing was removed from the north side of the campus (I drive past it on the way to the grocery).

  20. I admire a person who can drive past trees overladen with fruit while going to a grocery store where one must pay top dollar for fruit trucked in from afar. That’s integrity—or maybe cowardice. I’m still doing the math on that one.

  21. Ace, I have no idea if they are fruit trees or not. Having lived in a city for 16 years prior to coming here, I am about as far from an arborist as I can get. Plus, driving at 35mph or more doesn’t lend itself to careful observation of the scenery.

  22. This might shock Young Johnny into action. Have posted from two Mac minis, a Windows 10 laptop and now, an Ubuntu laptop.


  23. Ace,
    My watch is so smart it relies on me to wind it.

    BTW:-Heard you had a power failure for a few minutes yesterday. Was it in memory of Mister Jobs?

  24. I just noticed we’ve crossed 7600 comments, as the “post which is dead shall never die” approaches its 12th birthday.

  25. September 19th is the fifteenth anniversary of ‘Speak like a Pirate day’.

    Plenty of time to get your blood curdling curses ready and we can practise on Ace’s proposed cat.

  26. I’ve just come back from St Ives (hence the radio silence: apologies, m my friends) and you wouldn’t believe who I bumped into.

  27. We’ve been having difficulty getting water from the parts of the country that are drowning to the parts that are on fire. Logistics is hard.

    I’ve long said “everything in moderation,” but someone isn’t listening.

  28. Could you not just tip it a bit, Ace? In my experience water flows down and fire goes up, so they should meet in the middle and cancel out?

  29. The tunnels? Ah, yes, the tunnels! How could I have forgotten them?

    And it’s obvious that we should use an iFlume to battle the fires which were possibly started with an iFlame.

  30. Sorry Steve, it almost looked like you suggested we should *repurpose the sexbots*.

    . . .

    As in . . . *repurpose*. The *sexbots*.

  31. I had (perhaps mistakenly) assumed that there was a plethora of them. Especially since there’s only four of us here these days. It’s not like we’d let other people have them.

  32. Aaaarrrggghh you pesky landlubbers, up to no good,aaarrrggghhh. Make the sexbots walk the plank but keelhaul em first. Then they wont argue about whose turn it is in the barrel.

    Ave ee a good TLAPD.

  33. Arr, me prototype sexbot unfortunately rusted by the briny some ways aft an’ won`t function as advertised. I be hopin’ t’ get me hands on a water-resistant model an’ give ‘t a spin sometime soon.

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