Video iPod. Video iPod! VIDEO IPOD!

The most recent rumors out of Apple indicate that next week’s event will not feature a video iPod, but instead will showcase new Power Macs and PowerBooks and possibly a revised standard iPod.

That has not stemmed the tide of video iPod fever that has gripped the Macintosh world. The web is now replete with Photoshop mock-ups, bloggers have speculated wildly on how, exactly, such a device would work, and one guy even had the words “VIDEO IPOD” tattooed on his ass.

At least that’s what he said and… well, we just decided to take him at his word.

Analysts and reporters continue to cover the device like it was the Sasquatch or Loch Ness Monster – disproved by science, but still thriving in the spotlight of popular myth.

The Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg, for example, spent fifteen minutes on CNBC this morning doing nothing but screaming the words “VIDEO IPOD!!!” and hopping up and down excitedly in his seat, squealing like a little girl.

Fifteen minutes.

Apple has been unable to calm down excited fans and journalists who are now desperate for the device.

According to sources, the company is looking into actually adding a video iPod to its upcoming announcements.

“We may just slap one together over the weekend,” an engineer said. “We have a lot of skunk works projects here and about eight of them are actually working on video iPods.

“I mean, it’d just be a rev 0. It’s not like it has to work very well or anything.”

Apple followers will know if the company’s weekend was successful if on Monday it adds 15 minutes to next week’s special event.

42 thoughts on “Video iPod. Video iPod! VIDEO IPOD!”

  1. I mean, I’m happy either is coming(pod/mac or lewd thought of your choice), but my pants…

    Well, pants…

    Pants just want to have fun.


  2. It seems unlikely that Apple would let everyone down now there’s so much hype =)

    It’s the self-fulfilling prophecy…

  3. “disproved by science..”

    Steady on old chap, we monsters have feelings too, as well you should know!

  4. wow…they’re gonna add 15 minutes to next week!

    That’s what the big announcement is….SJ will announce he has become a timelord and in order for us to not worry about slow PB’s and delivery waits he’s giving us all an extra 15 mins each week.

    One thing…can they make sure it’s not while I’m at work.

  5. Bloody hell, if I had stayed up 8 more minutes, I would have had the number 1 spot. %$#@%$&^$%#&&^*%^

  6. as a brit the comments about pants are a little worrying it kinda sounds like your all really pleased you finally graduated from nappies to normal underwear…

  7. I, for one, welcome our new iPod video overlords.

    Especially since I really could use an extra 15 minutes in my time-space continuum.

    Anyone seen my pants?

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  9. only 17 comments.

    could this beeeeee…THE NANO-POST???????

    naaaaa, some group of suckers always ruins it.

    Oh, and once again, Huh? (and his pants) wins F-I-R-S-T.

    Feed that to your coworkers at the watercooler!

  10. Is there any doubt as to what the extra 15 minutes are for? The ipod rumor generater! Some sources say it has already been released.

  11. CARS Help Desk has been kidnapped!

    Do you think they’ve taken Moltz as well?

    Cue Invisible Choir Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah etc.etc.

    Message to the Kidnappers, we will pay for the Help Desk but not Moltz.

  12. Ah, Clarus is a female isn’t she. A skirt would make sense.

    Dave and Bob, we are talking about Dogcows, not dogs.


  13. All Dogcows are female, it’s in the faq that used to be posted on Apple’s site. I don’t know if it’s still there.

    Also I don’t think we’ll get a help desk because something tells me that Moltz took the crew to see Wallace and Gromit.

  14. My mistake, Bob, you’re right, the subject was pants.

    I will go in the corner andÂ…


  15. iPods have socks, iPod vIdeos will have pants. Makes sense.

    Personally, I have the words “Sneak peek at Windows Vista, look inside for details!” tattooed on my ass parts, just above my ass nipples, with a big red arrow pointing right to my billionaire anus!

  16. On October 12th, the big announcement that Steve will make is that he saved a bunch of money on his car insurance by switching to Geiko.

    …..and if theres time after the juggling act, he may announce the new iPod Video along with the iPod video pants. Maybe.

  17. I’ll take care of those dogcows for you. We’ll have lots of little nippers in no time.

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