We're up!

Looks like we’re back!

We’re still bringing the old posts over, but take a look around. Kick the tires.

I believe you have to have one approved comment before you can post at will, but we’ll work our way through that as soon as possible.

UPDATE: The old posts are all over and we’ve changed the yellow background on the sidebars. Theme switcher is in the works, but it’ll be a few days a least.

108 thoughts on “We're up!”

  1. RSS works for me. Anyone else having trouble?

    On other fronts, we’ll look into ditching the yellow (I’m not sure we even need that box at all) and then we’ll toss up some extra themes when we get the chance.

    Also, the comments might be easier to read with some boxes or lines between them.

  2. I’d like to be 55th post as it is the speed limit. So I’m leaving 52,53,and 54 open for even slower visitors! Move to the right lane damn it!

  3. Nice, like what you’ve done with the place.

    well, except… you know…

    Aren’t there suppossed to be pictures?

    you know: “pictures”?

    maybe I’ll try again later.

  4. So, who got drunk and barfed peas? Has Howard been eating grass again? Lovely color you have here.

  5. Hey!
    You/it/she forgot my “personal information”!

    Yes, I know; after all this work done, you only get comments going on like “Gna-gnaaah woz better before…” or “Cha-chaah don’t like the colors…” or “Bli-bliiih should add this or that…”
    That’s the definitive proof it’s an AOS (Apple-Oriented Site). Same people who give advices to Mr JObs on how he should run his society, or should or shouldn’t switch back to PPC or AMD.
    My analyst agrees with me.

  6. What’s this: ‘my comment is awaiting moderation’?
    You know me THAT good?
    You talked to my analyst?

  7. A question and a comment.

    Is the first post approval to cut down on the posting of cricket results?

    And for Wally who had post #42 – stop and think of the initials of the man who wrote Hitchhiker’s Guide.

  8. Congratulations on the remodeling!

    I know this may be like throwing a rock at a hornet’s net, but several people mentioned colors (e.g., Dwartz Farquhartz mentioned preferring magenta, Garnack mentioned that the current color looks like barfed peas, etc.). (And, by the way, puce is a bad idea!)

    I want to offer the suggestion of using Brushed Metal for the background. Then the site would coordinate with my PowerBook.

    (Since the other Jon usually posts sooner than I do, I’m graciously switching from “Jon” to “J0n” in my future posts so you can tell us apart.)

  9. Oh, by the way, what’s with the datetime stamp’s timezone?

    It looks like it’s recording in CST, not PST, like it used to (and I’m in EST zone, so that’s not it).

  10. Didn’t know his middle name was Noel. Not on title page or the back page bio. My apologies to all the Douglas N. Adams fans out there. Also yeah number 71

  11. Interesting. Very interesting. [taps fingers together]
    But where’s the old logo gone? You know, the one that takes the piss out of macosrumors.com. And also is a picture of The Entity. Or is it his brother?
    You never can tell with these infinitely age-less pan-dimensional beings.

  12. Guten Tag
    Und vhy you people haf any problem vith that colour?
    Something linked vith your mother?

    This colour matches perfectly vith the valls of my vaiting room.
    Don’t change it.

  13. Heh. Take a screenshot of the site in IE6 and send it to the MSIE team. That’s probably the funniest I’ve seen in a long time.

    That said, however, the W3C validator has a few comments, so it may not be JUST IE’s fault. A lot of them are of the nitpicking variety, but some are real errors.

    Lobe the page otherwise, though.

  14. I don’t really care of the switch, it’s fine, I guess. It’s only an Apple rumor site. Crazy, huh?

  15. methinks the sidebars are not so much as colour. Does it smell funny up there in CARS central mega-conglomerate publishing offices? Maybe time to do a sniff check on staff pantaloons.

  16. arrgghhh!! stupid greater than less than brackets swallowed my tremendously witty and clever (and possibly funny, depending on your viewpoint) remarks. Damn you secret coding languages! Damn you to hell!

  17. Masako’s working her way through the HTML errors, but about 90% of them are from the Amazon code in the right hand column, which we can’t do anything about.

    I don’t think that’s causing the IE on Windows funkiness, but it might be.

  18. Yeah, there are still some pages that aren’t published by WordPress that need to be updated. The site looks right in Windows now, though. I’m sure all of you reading from work will appreciate that.

  19. Cult-O-Mac says:

    That’s what I said months ago! “the next video iPod may feature a big screen covering the entire front of the device. The screen will be touch-sensitive, allowing the iPod to be controlled by a virtual click wheel that will appear when a finger brushes the screen” Sheesh, just make the thing already, I’m not buying a 4:3 ratio screened anything, unless it’s that cute arcade machine from Costco: http://www.costco.com/Browse/Product.aspx?Prodid=11098104&whse=&topnav=&browse=&s=1

    I’m no Kreskin, I just want a widescreen videoPod like any good movie fan.

  20. I do have to say I’m not real fond of the new logo. It just doesn’t seem balance with Crazy & Apple different colors and the Rumors & Site both black. It looks a little unbalanced.

    Other then that I like the new format.

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