17 Jul 06Mac Developer Challenges Gates to Wager.

In South Africa last week, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates made some much-noticed comments about the supposed January release of Windows Vista.

Seemingly laying the groundwork for a delay in the operating system’s release, Gates said he would be happy to hold Vista should the beta program reveal problems.

Judging by his application of this standard, Gates has apparently not been involved in any other Microsoft beta program since the company’s inception.

Gates went on to say that he was 80 percent sure that Windows Vista would ship in January. This lackluster vote of confidence prompted Delicious Monster CEO Wil Shipley to challenge the Microsoft Chief Technologist to a bet of $10,000 that Vista would slip yet again (link via TUAW).

Shipley’s announcement of the one-sided dustup brought out a rather surprising number of anti-Shipley trolls, their origin unknown.

While many commenters praised Shipley on both his personal blog post regarding the proposed wager and posts on other blogs referencing it for tilting at windmills, a vocal minority complained that Shipley was an “attention whore” and a “douche bag.”

“This is just a pathetic attempt at self-promotion,” commenter Anonymous Coward said when reached by phone. “And, as everyone knows, self-promotion is immoral.

“Take me, for example. I posted my comment under the name ‘Anonymous Coward’ so as not to make this all about me. Because it’s not about me. It’s about Wil Shipley and what a douche bag he is.

“Now, yes, ‘Anonymous Coward’ is also actually my given name, but it looks like a pseudonym, so it’s really the same thing.”

Asked if he worked for Microsoft, Coward quickly became belligerent and then hastily explained that he had “to hang up now, but only because he wanted to beat the afternoon traffic going west over the 520 bridge.”

But Coward’s comments were backed up by other commenters who were also certainly not Microsoft employees.

“This is all just a sales ploy!” warned commenter MSTrollBot4000.

“Shipley’s using his blog to generate attention to himself!

MSTrollBot4000 claimed that this is not the first time the Delicious Monster CEO has absconded with sacred Internet resources in an attempt to stuff his already overflowing coffers.

“Look at that ad over there in the CARS right column for Delicious Monster. He paid you guys money to sell his software! He’s totally using you!

“What a douche bag!

Others were unsure what to think of Shipley.

“Gosh,” mused Mac user Jeff Levitas, who read about Shipley’s challenge on Daring Fireball. “I’d hate to think that the huge emotional investment I’ve made in this online wager that I’m not a party to and has zero chance of being accepted has been misspent on some cynical ploy to gin up software sales.

“I just wouldn’t want to think we live in a world where someone would do something so awful.”

Apple declined to comment for this story as it wasn’t really involved at all.

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  1. OMGHAX says:

    Just use the I-90. I-90 pwns 520.

  2. MSTrollBot4000 says:

    John Moltz has just been using CARS to generate attention to himself!

  3. Matt says:

    “challenges Gate to wager?”

    Is this Starting Gate, Fence Gate, or Transistor Gate?

  4. Huh? says:

    My Pants™(currently in Austrailia) wonder, why anyone would challenge a Gate to a wager.

    I mean, if one were to challenge (Bill) Gates to a wager, that might make sense…


  5. Inside My Pants says:


  6. His Steveness says:


  7. Nxxx says:

    I did two sudoku puzzles whilst waiting for this post, Mr. Moltz, and it is nothing about Apple.
    Change site name to Crazy Delicious Monster and World’s Longest Floating Bridge Rumors Site.

  8. Nxxx says:

    John, just to let you know that this will be normal in future.

  9. Carl says:

    I love yellow, and setting people up for 11. I promise to protect yellow and coins.

  10. ShinyMan says:

    Oooh, shiny!

  11. Uguruko says:

    This not be Moltz’z best work. He distracted by so sexy Ugluk and so sexy Masako? If I be a Moltz, I be so distracted I no think straight. Think in circle or something! Write trash like this!

  12. I hate my mom for this name. But then her name was Stupid and she married Little F…

    But hey, check out my website: Purple Frog Productions

  13. Dot Slash says:

    You think your name sucks?

  14. A Priest, a rabbi, and a termite choking on a splinter says:

    I was just 5 hours too late to post using the “Anonymous Coward” name. I’m always 5 hours late and $374.82 short.

    Somehow I think I’m entitled to sue Apple.

  15. Noel Coward says:

    As I had no progeny, let me remind you that Anonymous Coward is not related to me. Yet he can nonetheless sully my good name. Let us home that he finds direction and purpose in life.

  16. Ace Deuce says:

    “Let us home”? Noel, being dead has diminished your writing skills!

  17. blank says:

    I challenged a gate once. It was one of those big steel suckers–pretty much totaled the car.

    Don’t try it kids. The immovable object always wins.

  18. NWJR says:

    I refuse to challenge a single gate. I only challenge multiple gates. Or gatses. Or whatever the smurf you call them.

  19. Ficko says:

    Don’t believe him John. If that was really ‘Mad Dogs and Englishmen go out in the Midday Sun’ Coward, he’d have spelt his name with those two thingies over one of the vowels. Any way, we all know the reason why he had no progeny, don’t we. Let us hope that he finds direction and purpose in death.

  20. John Moltz says:

    Of course I meant that Gates acts as a gate to… uh… er…

    Oh, never mind.

  21. Buthidae says:

    You stole 21st, _and_ you made nonsensicles! 😛

  22. Gag Halfrunt says:

    I like ponies

  23. derekm says:

    Wil wants Bill to put up $30,000 for the bet? What, he’s afraid of even odds? If Bill wants to email me (he knows my email address because I forwarded his chain mail to 5 of my friends and am waiting for my gift certificate), I’ll ask him to just put up $1.

    Wil, you coward.

  24. A Priest, a rabbi, and cocker spaniel with a hernia says:

    I fear the spell-czech police on this site and have hidden all my red ink pens.

  25. Oh, I’ll sully you…you little…Noel is my dad. I put my fist in his “gate” for sullying my good name. That bitch thinks he can use my toothbrush. *slams gate*

  26. His Steveness says:

    Nobody except me is entitled to love ponies… They are all mine… Mine alone…

  27. Spell Czech says:

    I don’t have time for such trivialities. I am on holiday in Nepal.

    I’ll return…soon.

  28. Groucho says:

    What about Delicious Cowards and Anonymous Monsters?

    And how do you get a yellow background – that’s cool! 😎

  29. Mellow Yellow says:

    Just when I thought I had no respect for this site left, you found some, growing mold in a deep dark corner of my soul. It’s gone now. Thanks.

    Just for this, I will never ever buy software from… uh… that guy… what’s-his-name.

  30. The Green Lantern says:

    For some reason, I’m unable to see comments # 9, 10, and 20. What gives?


    The Green Lantern

  31. lisa80 says:

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    and http://www.heyjokes.com

    have a nice day with you

  32. Jessica says:

    Elaine, you are just to funny. Don’t ever loose your sense of humor.

  33. Daniel says:

    I have to say, that I could not agree with you in 100% regarding Mac Developer Challenges Gates to Wager., but it’s just my opinion, which could be wrong 🙂