Highlights of Apple Quarterly Conference Call.

Apple announced a profit of $472 million in its third fiscal quarter today, beating analysts’ estimates.

The company also reported a 32 percent increase in shipments of iPods and a 12 percent increase in shipments of Macs.

Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer told analysts the company does not expect to have to post any material adjustments for the third quarter resulting from the ongoing investigation into stock option irregularities.

Oppenheimer further noted that iPod sock sales have continued their slide since their introduction, but expected that they would be flat for the current quarter as they’ve gone to zero.

In another interesting piece of news, Apple’s Cupertino campus was apparently overrun by wild boars early in the quarter, forcing a temporary evacuation and a hasty call to animal control.

After order was restored, the incident was followed by an impromptu luau.

Oppenheimer told analysts that all Apple employees will be given the day off on August 18th so the entire company can attend the opening of Snakes on a Plane.

He closed the call by revealing that next Tuesday, Apple will announce a new video iPod, a tablet device and a low cost laptop for inner city youth.

And that CEO Steve Jobs wears women’s underwear under that turtleneck and jeans.

Oppenheimer said that he wasn’t really supposed to reveal any of that, but he just couldn’t keep it to himself anymore.