Nothing tonight.

Ironically enough, the Help Desk guy may have a bad memory module. It took a couple of attempts for it to get recognized when I installed it the other day and tonight the machine locked up when I was about half way through tonight’s post which I hadn’t saved.

Detail your bad memory experiences in the comments. It’ll be kind of a do-it-yourself Help Desk tonight.

To make it a 12-step Help Desk Program, you can take “bad memory experiences” however you want. Don’t feel limited to hardware issues, please go into that time you got pantsed by the seniors in gym class. Or the time you got dumped at the prom. Or the time you wrote that heartfelt note to the guy/girl you liked and he/she spent the next four weeks laughing hysterically every time he/she saw you.

For extra credit, you can guess which one of those actually happened to the Help Desk guy (yes, it was only one of those, thank you very much).