Everybody Tired of One Mac User.

Yet another Apple nay-sayer has fallen afoul of the one member of the Macintosh community that everyone wishes would just go away.

According to a blog post by George Ou (link via Daring Fireball), Artie MacStrawman is at it again.

Ou claims that MacStrawman disparaged the character of the security professionals who are quoted as having claimed to have wirelessly hacked Apple’s Airport drivers, a claim refuted by Apple.

Further, Ou says that MacStrawman threatened to kill one of the professionals – David Maynor – and his imaginary dog.

Mac users will remember MacStrawman as the Mac user who:

  • Says the Mac is utterly invulnerable to any and all malicious attack.
  • Mindlessly worships Steve Jobs.
  • Blindly buys anything Apple releases no matter how dumb and stupid and dumb it is.
  • Refuses to accept that Windows might be better at anything. Even being Windows.
  • Emails death threats to anyone who disagrees with him.

Daring Fireball’s John Gruber said “I just wish that guy’d switch to Windows or Ubuntu or something.

“But… he’s Artie MacStrawman. So I guess that’s not going to happen.”

Complicating matters is the fact that MacStrawman may have initiated the entire controversy. According to Maynor, it was MacStrawman’s argument that the Mac is utterly impregnable to attack that caused him to hack a MacBook using a third-party wireless card and driver and then claim that he could do the same thing with an Airport card and driver without actually having tried it.

Maynor did admit that he was the first to issue a threat, saying that he wanted to stick a lit cigarette into MacStrawman’s eye.

“I shouldn’t have said that,” Maynor said. “It’s just that that guy really bugs me.”

At least on this point, Maynor and the Mac community can agree. Artie MacStrawman bugs everyone.

73 thoughts on “Everybody Tired of One Mac User.”

  1. Um, we’re NOT supposed to blindly buy everything Apple produces, no matter how dumb and stupid it is?

    I need to go have a chat with my Pants™®


  2. yep. sorry about that. i think about changing my name to a single letter.

    one that can be reached quickly on the keyboard. like “l”. or the on/off switch.

  3. If you didn’t buy a Cube then don’t preach to me about “Blindly buying anything Apple releases no matter how dumb and stupid and dumb it is”

  4. CARS makes stuff up. All the time. Anyone who’s been around here very long, knows that. I mean, in big letters, at the top, it says RUMORS. What more proof do you want? Do I have to show you the whole Package™® ?



    my big brother said so and he’s 12 so he knows bunches.

  6. Oops, sorry for the double post but this just hit me and I want to know who threw it. But it got me thinking, is it possible, you know, in a ying and yang kind of way, that MacStrawman is really Rob Enderle? The two extremes exist in one person?

  7. Are you kidding I love the cube! It was a little over priced, but when Apple EOL them we got great discounts and put them all over my work. Every podium had a tiny Cube inside to power the projectors. We are now just starting to look at replacing them with Mac Minis.

    P.S. this Artie guy is giving mac users a bad image. I have dispatched the kittens. Problem should be taken care of soon.

  8. Man, I understood it all wrong (again).
    I hacked an Airport Car by threatening the driver with a Cola can.
    He drove me to the gate in time…

  9. joe, I don’t think you can use the word “suckas” with a question mark. It just doesn’t have any oomph.

    Ideally, it should be followed by an exclamation point as in:
    That bitch just used ALL your toothbrushes, suckas!

  10. This Artie guy honks me off so bad that I can’t even post!!!

    Wait a minute… Oh, right.

    Well, since I’m here anyway: Stupid fucking Artie, stupid fucking snakes, on a stupid fucking plane!

    Somehow this all feels like less of a waste of time now.

  11. Is it just me, or is Snakes on a Plane a metaphor of how buggy and vulnerable Windows is? The plane represents Windows, the snakes represent malware, and Samuel L. Jackson represents Windows Defender. If that plane were an Apple plane though, there would be no way in hell that muthafuckin’ snakes could be let loose on it, because we all know that Apples are invulnerable to all bad things.

  12. If there were Apple planes, the tickes would cost 3 times as much and occasionally the hinges would break and the noise from the turbines would be unbearable at times. Also, the Apple Plane Switch commercials would be pretty lame.

    Would your ApplePlane Care protection plan also act as a floatation device?

  13. Some upcoming attractions:

    “Flakes on a Train”

    A heart-warming tale of slackers on a cross-country vacation!

    “Brakes in the Rain”

    A heart-warming tale of an itinerant mechanic and a driver who loves to brave bad weather!

    “Snakes in Your Brain”

    A heart-warming… Wait a minute, this premise is a re-hash of Stargate SG-1, and that just got cancelled. They may make a movie though, if DVD sales exceed expectations. Keep watching the skies!

  14. … Hey, whose toothbrush is this? ‘Cause I’m gonna use it, sucka! Totally!

    How’s that, anonymous?

  15. Wow. You guys are funny. I loved this comment section because it was remarkably empty of “Macs suck!” “Windows is better” “Macs are only secure because only 5 people own one and no one cares” and so on. SOOOOO bookmarking this site…

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