This week's no good for us.

Yeah, no, this week’s not good.

Come back next week.

No, I’m telling you, this week’s no good. We’ve got the thing tomorrow morning and then a haircut on Wednesday. Thursday’s a maybe but we’ve got book club that night and we haven’t even cracked the book. Friday’s no good because Galactica starts up again.

You come back next week.

No. No. Next week.

Next week.

If it’ll make you feel better, you can talk about what your week looks like in the comments.


Ya big malook.

76 thoughts on “This week's no good for us.”

  1. I have a lot of guys to kill in Vegas this week. But other than that I may catch a playoff game.

  2. Are you having full anaesthetic for the haircut or are you going to just sit there and cry John?

  3. This week I will be doing the same thing I do every week: trying to take over the world.

  4. I’ll be getting some real work done–maybe clear some brush, ride my bike, go fishin’ or shoot off the face of an acquaintance with a shotgun.

    Oh, wait. I should save those activities for when I am inexplicitly in charge of a sovereign nation, but need many weeks off to unwind. Never mind.

  5. My Pants™® are upset.
    Quite upset actually. Just washed them. They were nice and warm, happy even.

    Then this.
    A whole week…

    Just so you know John, I’m ok with this- it’s just my Pants™® that are upset.

    moo (furious Pants™®)

  6. I had no idea that CARS posters were so violent, what with the shooting faces off and taking over nations. Me? I’ll be clicking refresh every minute to see if Moltzy is lying about this week and to be first to comment on his Wednesday haircut. I hope there are pictures, before and after.

  7. But…but…but…

    What about the Security Bitch Watch? There’s all sorts of fun new comments made by one of the two guys making it sound like Steve Jobs tried to fire him when he wasn’t even an employee.

    And that evil goat is loose again.

    And those sexbots need sexin’!

    oh yea, 15th!

  8. So…if there’s a surprise Tuesday announcement from Apple that, say, an iPhone is about to be released, or maybe an iTablet, or perhaps a Sexbot[TM], then we get no word of it from CARS because John’s getting his hair cut like Adama on Battlestar Galactica?

    Gah. Then we’d have to rely on real Mac websites for our news. Who among us wants that?

  9. I’ll be spending some time at making fun of George Ou. Sure, it’s easy to make fun of him, but someone’s got to do it.

  10. This is going to feel like the Simpson’s episode where Homer runs into the cable companies dish.

    All us kids will have to go out and play in the sun…

    What a disgusting thought.

  11. I will be reinstalled my hacked Ubuntu kernel in an effort to reignite the passion that I first felt when bootstrapping Ubuntu into the lifeless corpse of my frankenPC (which is not associated with Al Franken, but is instead using cast off parts from the myriad PCs that Ann Coulter has sucked the souls, and blue smoke, from).

    Then of course, I’ll be battling the slores in the third circle until Thursday, maybe Friday, depending on how it goes. Many slores know what it’s like, so they’re not that intimidated by Ubuntu, unlike the weak Mac users who are all freaked out when you tell them to reinstall just so their USB devices can start working again, or hacking the wireless drivers to keep some freaks out of your kernel. Ooo, I hate that. Just thinking about it is going to get some of those slores roasted in the depths now.

    I gotta go.

  12. Well I took last week off, but I sent out a memo in advance. John you have to give us more lead time, I think this will come up as an issue in your review. That and the attitude thing. Well, and the long breaks. The nude calendar over your desk. The drinking. When is your review????

  13. ^^^ Undercover or under the covers???

    I got a chain letter saying I’m goanna get killed by a demon chiken!!!
    here it is:


    now foreward this to at least 17.26 people or the devil chicken will get you

    Should I be scared???

  14. As I’m already dead, like every Syndicated Zombie, I :
    –will bore myself all week long, maybe even listen to Joe Jackson, to tell you. Eternity’s not that cool ;
    –will not care your devils of any kind, even chicks. No. Not chicks. I like chicks.

  15. So I used my new iPhone to call myself back in time and I hung up on me! What a jerk. Look. Temporal dialing isn’t cheap so I figured that if I called collect, the call would be billed before Apple introduced temporal dialing and therefore it wouldn’t get billed. But nnnnnoooooOOOOOooooo, I wouldn’t accept the charges. Man, I am so much smarter now than I was then.

    Oh, wait, I using temporal commenting on my iTablet. Thought I’d turned that off. Sorry.

  16. This week sucks for me, too. The Feds are crawling all over at work; the voices in my head are having the big annual meeting on Friday night; my pedicure is Saturday, and the Seahawks have a bye.

    I can pencil you in for next Wednesday between 6:15 and 7:00. If you bring the demon chicken bring tartar sauce, too.

    I heard you can get Ubuntu from public restrooms.

  17. Early in the week I’ll be catching up on my viagra and cialis email. It’s so rude not to reply don’t you think?

    Later in the week I’ll be torrenting Galactica…unless one of you good folks wouldn’t mind ripping it and emailing it to me that would save me a lot of trouble. Let me get on with the mail backlog.

  18. Thought I was going to have a good week until myself called me from the future advising that I rearrange my whole week or that will be death and destruction and mayhem. Unfortunately the nimcompoop was looking at the wrong year.

    Now myself and I are arguing over who is responsible for Bill Gates fathering Paris Hilton’s child and why Steve Jobs is governor of California instead of Emperor of the Republic of United Pacific States.

    At least the future took responsibility for the abhorent temporal callling rates

    And by the way, when the voices in my head have big meetings, they send me on doughnut and coffee runs. Should I be worried?

  19. Let us just hope that this week doesn’t last as long as the hiatus over at AtAT; remember VEVO!!

  20. “I got a chain letter saying I’m goanna get killed by a demon chiken!!!
    here it is:


    now foreward this to at least 17.26 people or the devil chicken will get you

    Should I be scared??? ”

    I’d be more scared if they said you had to forward it to EXACTLY 17.26 people.

  21. When life sends you demon chickens, make vindaloo!

    I’ll tale the extra-spicy version, thanks.

  22. This week’s not so good. Apple called and asked me to come over and dispose of NewNewton for them, just cos they’re feeling hurt at being sued again. I’m gonna keep one and have fun with it’s touch screen OSX and 150GB hard drive

  23. Hey, I’m in a bar and they’ve got $2 Pabst Blue Ribbon pints (and wireless, of course).


    You know, it’s actually not that bad. Maybe because it’s $2.

    And *what* was the Dodgers third base coach thinking?! “You know… I really like Jell-O” is all I can come up with. He sure as hell wasn’t thinking about the game. I mean, there’s “aggressive on the base paths” and then there’s suicide. Having two guys nailed at the plate on the same play is pretty pathetic.

  24. Hey Johnnie,
    You do realise that posting a rounders comment, gives encouragement to our cricket fans.
    So, description of the pitch, how much grass, whether camera stumps are in use, who the third umpire is, what weight roller was used, name of chief groundsman, what his forecast for the pitch is, batsman’s or bowler’s, will it take spin, are there cracks, how did this square perform last time etc., etc. Then again there’s the teams and the way the umpires interpret the rules.
    Don’t try and impress us with your rounders problems, cricket is even more complicated than Apple boardroom and marketing policies.
    Rounders? Bah!

  25. John, I strongly advise you to drink more! It’ll make that Dodgers thing easier to take.

  26. Cricket is fun, I just played today!!!!

    And about demon chickens: preferably by frozen???

  27. Damn, I guess you were serious about nothing this week. Now how am I going to spend my time at work?

    Re: Comment #30 (“And by the way, when the voices in my head have big meetings, they send me on doughnut and coffee runs. Should I be worried?”) — I would only be worried if they eat all the doughnuts.

  28. Fitty!

    If there’s a problem, yo I’ll solve it/Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it!

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